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Caroline Gikunda: Be careful if you have a business; your friends can easily misuse it

Caroline Gikunda is an entrepreneur based in Malindi. She’s the founder and director of Alpha Charlie, a transportation and construction business that supplies building materials within the larger Coastal region and the Mount Kenya region. She is also the founder and director of Drivers’ at Alpha Charlie and runs holiday homes and villas at the coastal region.

“If you are a business person, set your business rules and stick with them… because people, mostly those who call themselves your friends will misuse you.

Let people respect you for your business acumen and not “love” you for what free services you can give or how much they can use you.

I have had “friends” who got me off my schedule…gave me tales of how their relatives conned them, gave specifics of properties they would like me to search for, and sent me on a hunting mission.

I would spend weeks on end on their assignment. When mission is accomplished these people would sit and think that 10% you agreed on at the beginning of the mission is alot of money to pay you… for time, fuel resources in these biting Zakayo times and allowances to brokers and anyone who gave leads to their properties.

These people would revise the payment downwards, claiming that their families can now pick it up from there. Same families they had previously told you that swindled them…. and finally these people go silent on you.

No matter how I look at it, it’s unethical and I wrong to steal the other person’s goods or services in the name of friendships.

I will soon update this list of shame accompanied with screen shots of communication…. because I don’t believe in peace for robbers.

I have met people who are capable of paying for accommodation but came to Drivers’ at Alpha-Charlie expecting free accommodation.

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And besides if you don’t have the money to go holidaying you can always stay at home, no one died for not holidaying.

The last time I saw a holiday was in April na si ndiye huyu mimi?

Bado niko tuu.

Wacheni kusumbua watu.

If someone has not invited you to their house this festive season please kaa kwako.

Don’t invite yourself to anyone’s place.

Let’s learn to be decent and have basic courtesy. If you need a favour that involves fueling a car, please send the fuel money or come run your own errands.

That’s basic decency.

I can donate my time to you but stop expecting my money to come with it.

Meanwhile if you go to your friend’s business pay for the services.

Ask your self what would happen to this person if all their friends were like you.

They would go home.

Be decent.

It’s raining for everyone.”

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