Kenya traffic police road block.

Carrying Driving License in Kenya: It is not uncommon to for motorists to forget their driving licenses when driving.

For many people though, forgetting to carry a driving license heralds a new opportunity for traffic officers to either harass or solicit for a bribe.

This has left many motorists refusing to stop when flagged down due to fear of being harassed for an ‘offense’ they may have committed inadvertently.

What many drivers do not now though is that if you have a valid driving license, you can still legally wade your way out of such a quagmire.

For a start, the NTSA has provided a number through which motorists and traffic officers can verify the status of a driving license and, or its validity.

This number is 22846.

If you realize at the middle of a journey that you have forgotten your driving license, all you will need to do is to type in your ID number using the below procedure:

1) Write a message to 22846

2) Type DL space ID number and send.

You will receive an immediate response with status of your DL. This is the message that you should use to justify that indeed you are a legally authorized driver without necessarily succumbing to bribery or harassment.

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