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Cars not to buy in Kenya: 10 cars to avoid when you are on a tight budget

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Cars not to buy: Are you on a tight budget? You might be tempted to go for affordable cars or most used cars, however, here are the 10 cars not to buy in Kenya.

Worth noting, though, is that a car is always as good as you maintain it. In the same vein, variations depend on user to user experience. Here we go:

2011/12 BMW X5

Prior to its 2014 redesign, BMW X5 had many reliability issues. Drivers grappled with faulty climate control, defective fuel systems, and issues surrounding engine parts. Consumer Reports recommends avoiding the 2011 and 2012 models completely, but reliability issues continued with ’13 and ’14 model years.

2014/16 Volkswagen Jetta

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This Volkswagen’ has featured many reliability issues since 2010. In the 2014 through 2016 model years, issues with the audio system, interior finish, and power equipment (e.g., windows and cruise control) hurt its rating in Consumer Reports surveys.

cars not to buy

The ’10 Jetta featured many of the same problems along with a problematic climate system and other electrical components.

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  1. Thank you for the advice about the vehicles to avoid buying in kenya. I would like to know if a subaru forester is a good car to look at especially SG5 model

  2. 1.What are good cars one could go for in terms of mechanism, fuel consumption, spare parts etc
    2.How about Nissan b14 is it good car one can buy?

  3. Dude! Have you even owned a Mitsubishi? Where did you get this info? “The GDI engines do not have fuel filters, they are built in.”??
    I own one of these and I change my filters every time I service my car. Its very wrong of you to write such articles giving people wrong information.

    • I agree too.i own a mitsubishi GDI too.it totally depends on how you take care of your automobile.if you cant sustain the maintanance avoid at all cost.

    • Depends, maybe it’s a bad valve cover that’s causing oil to leak or depending on the age of the vehicle, you may need an engine overhaul..
      But the B 14 is one of the most reliable saloon cars of all times.

  4. Assuming all cars were driven by the same driver for a period of time equally
    Then Mitsubishi needs patient and careful guys

  5. Are there modern cars with EFI engines that have replaceable fuel filterst these days? The last time I replaced an in-line fuel filter was many years ago on a Mazda 323.

  6. I have a toyota caldina for six years the new model . It’s at 330 000 no problem so far I have about 240 000 and not complaining when should I expect what you’re talking about?

  7. I am in Kenya and i would like to find spares for my mitsubishi lancer cedia. Is there anyone with a clue where i could go to for spares. I will be glad to receive any information

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