Mitsubishi Lancer GDI
Mitsubishi Lancer GDI

Are you on tight budget? You might be tempted to go for affordable cars or most used cars however, here are the 6 cars not to buy in Kenya. The following feature is courtesy of Gear and Shift.

Below are the 6 cars not to buy in Kenya.

Mitsubishi lancer GDIGDI

The top of the list has a 1.5L gasoline direct injection good for 145 bhp. The fuel economy is okay but the engine problems are one of a kind. This is why its among the cars not to buy in kenya. When idling, it sputters and dies. The engine has a problem maintaining and if you are thinking about cleaning the filters let me save you a trip to the mechanic. The GDI engines do not have fuel filters, they are built in. If and when it breaks down, that is that. Do not even bother taking it for repairs and a good mechanic will tell you to buy another engine.

Toyota Caldina


This does not come as a surprise to a number of you I know, but this car deserves second place on this list. Most of the trouble with this car has to do with its electrical systems. They were done by a Japanese firm and they did not do a bang up job. We come back to engine problems again and that fuel economy is really something. Most people end up reselling it for a more efficient option but even then, the resale value is less than 65 percent.


2013 Mitsubishi Lancer

This is another one among┬ácars not to buy in Kenya and it is not the rally champ Lancer Evolution, but the rental chump Lancer ES. The Lancer may look fast and sporty, but it’s neither. The CVT and thrashy base engine take care of that. Though dramatically improved in 2011, the Dodge Avenger is still the worst midsize sedan.

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  1. Thank you for the advice about the vehicles to avoid buying in kenya. I would like to know if a subaru forester is a good car to look at especially SG5 model

  2. 1.What are good cars one could go for in terms of mechanism, fuel consumption, spare parts etc
    2.How about Nissan b14 is it good car one can buy?

  3. Dude! Have you even owned a Mitsubishi? Where did you get this info? “The GDI engines do not have fuel filters, they are built in.”??
    I own one of these and I change my filters every time I service my car. Its very wrong of you to write such articles giving people wrong information.

    • I agree too.i own a mitsubishi GDI totally depends on how you take care of your automobile.if you cant sustain the maintanance avoid at all cost.

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