Tuesday, September 27, 2022

CBK: Some people tried to start second Goldenberg in last 3 months

Central Bank of Kenya Governor Patrick Njoroge has claimed that there are people in government who attempted to take Kenya back to the scandalous era of Goldenberg.

According to Njoroge, these attempts were made in the last three months. Njoroge said that these attempts were partly the reason why Kenya appeared to have a forex crisis in the months to the general elections.

Njoroge however failed to disclose the names of the individuals, saying that it was up to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations to carry out the investigations.

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Njoroge further said that some local banks had actively worked to sabotage the Kenya Shilling to gain an up hand in forex exchange. He said that the CBK had penalized a few of the banks that were implicated.

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