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How to earn extra 10-30k monthly with Chapchap traders

Chapchap Traders

This is a top ranking business in Kenya dealing with all types of kitchen ware products and electronics. To join them and start making a living from this business:
It’s as simple as ABC …..
  1. Get a photo and wholesale price in our official Chapchap Traders WhatsApp or Telegram group:
  2. Sell on Facebook market place and WhatsApp status. Note better: You should add ksh 200-2000 per item depending on what it is to get your profit. E.g 30 pcs Marwa cookware set wholesale price is ksh 9000. If you post it at Ksh 10000 and a client is interested, liase with us to send the goods and you get your 1000 Bob!
  3. When you get a client contact us tp deliver. You should include your client contact (Safaricom), location and his/her name, and exact order (include all relevant information like colour…)
  4. We can deliver and clients pays on delivery within Nairobi. For payment on delivery to other parts we can also facilitate with your assistance.
  5. You earn more profit by posting more on Facebook marketplace. Join as many Facebook groups as you can.
Happy selling.

5 Great Ways To Handle Social Media For Your Business

Platforms to use.

Facebook groups like Kenyan online marketplace, Gikomba marketplace, Soko Huru, Lavington groups, Kileleshwa group, Nakuru mums, Soko Jiji, NAIROBI market place, side hustle 24/7, super mums, Glam my home marketplace, parenting group marketplace, 52 weeks Savings challenge entrepreneur hub, also search county groups like Meru, Nyeri, Nairobi, Mombasa and join as many groups as you can. The more you market, the more you sell.
  • WhatsApp status is also good to start with.
  • Other social media platforms like Instagram can also work well.
Happy selling this season!
Make more money daily selling kitchenwares, refer a friend who is passionate about selling and working from home💰💰💰
You can refer a friend or interested parties.
It is now easier to make a living by selling our products online and by word of mouth. We send parcels to your clients on your behalf, you only need to communicate to us.
Whatsapp line: +254 111975610

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