Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Please help me! Churchill comedian Consumator begs Kenyans

Churchill comedian Consumator is pleading for your help. The comedian says that he has gone broke after selling off everything he owned to fund his dad’s cancer treatment.

Consumator, whose real name is Peter Wamwea, and who holds a degree in Community Development from Daystar university, says that life hasn’t been easy for him for the past three years.

“As the family’s breadwinner, I used all my saving on my dad’s treatment. After undergoing surgery, he has been going for checkups at least once a week. I had to sell everything I had in my house to pay for my dad’s treatment,” he said.

He added that before all these challenges, he used to earn money from emceeing at events and could make ends meet.

Apparently, when things became hard, Consumator moved in with a friend who lived in Zimmerman. They agreed to cost-share rent but he could not manage to raise Sh. 3,000 to pay rent. His friend kicked him out.

“I had rent arrears for four months, and one of my friends got tired of me. So one day, he kicked me out of the house at night. it was shameful because people around that area knew me,” he said.

He narrated how his members at the church he attended shunned him off when things took a bad turn.

“After my life turned upside down. Friends from church went silent on me, yet when I was still on TV, they would call me daily. I even stopped going to church because one of the things was I couldn’t even raise fair to go to church.”

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Out of all the people he called, only one lady came out to help him.

“She offered e a job as a caretaker at her compound in Ngong, where I have been staying. I do vibarua jobs such as ploughing and slashing. If I don’t get those jobs, I can’t get food but thank God I have a great neighbour who has been supporting me,” he said.

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