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Jalang’o: Why comedians never made money on Churchill Show

A whike back, former popular morning show radio presenter now the MP for Langa’ta Jalang’o came out to explain why some comedians are always complaining that they were never paid well for gigs at Churchill Show.

Jalang’o made the explanation while hosting former Churchill Show comedienne Zeddy in an episode of the Bonga na Jalas show that he used to host before he was elected as an MP.

“Let me tell you something Churchill will never reveal, and comedians cannot understand. People see a packed audience and think he has made a lot of money. The tent in which the event is held doesn’t cost less that Sh. 3 million,” said Jalang’o.

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He further said that instead of waiting for higher pay that may never come, comedians on the show should start side hustles and use the platform as the stepping stone.

“Performing at private functions and clubs can earn you Ksh 50,000 but you can’t earn that money on Churchill Show because it’s not there,” Jalang’o said.

He further claimed that running the whole show costs around Sh. 5 million.


Photos of comedian Jalang’o luxurious Nairobi mansion

Jalang’o added that for Churchill to meet the operation cost, it would require at least 5,000 people to pay Sh. 1,000 each for tickets. “Do you know that sometimes half of the crowd would attend the show for free?” Jalang’o asked comedienne Zeddy.

Jalang’o then went on to say that Churchill would be lucky to make even Sh. 200,000 on some nights, since a lot of money is used to hire chairs, accommodation, lights and stage equipment as well as the technical crew.


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