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Club in Nairobi where Blacks aren’t allowed to use same door, queue with Whites, Indians

Picture this: You got to a club in looking to enjoy some music, take a beer or two, and have a good night. On getting there, you find two queues. The first queue is for black people and the other is for white people and Indians.

You also notice that black people are not allowed to use the same door as the white people or the Indian people. For a moment, you think that you have gone back in time and are living in apartheid era South Africa. But no, this is Nairobi in May 2022.

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This is the scenario that has been leaked via video that was recorded in a club in Nairobi.


The Nairobi club which has been identified as Alchemist has been smoked out through a video.

In the video, the club forces black Kenyans seeking to enter attend its parties to line in a separate line from white people and persons of Indian heritage.

In the video that has gone viral on social media, a black Kenyan is seen being instructed to leave a line that is dedicated to white people and Indians. He is asked to instead join the line dedicated for blacks.

Black Kenyans are also not allowed to use the same door as their white or Indian counterparts. Shamelessly, club bouncers enforcing these rules are black Kenyans.

A report that appeared in the media said that this is not the first time the bar is accused of racism. “Earlier, a customer alleged that she was denied a sitting space as it was reserved for white people,” a report said.

The club is located in the Parklands area in Nairobi.

In August 2018, the Alchemist Club was forced to apologize to a group of Kenyans who were allegedly racially abused by the club’s bouncers.

“We have recently heard complaints from you that specifically contracted bouncers in our venue and spoken in a racist manner towards you and your friends. This is behaviour that we will never condone or accept. We sincerely apologize for any hurt that this has caused,” the club wrote to a victim of racial abuse at the club who was identified as Cynthia.

This is the latest in a series of shameful cases of racism that are being reported in Nairobi. On Sunday, May 29, a Kenyan who was identified as Gladys Nelly and her friends were kicked out of a restaurant known as Kilimanjaro Jamia Hotel along Banda Street in order to pave way for an Arab man and his daughter.

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