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Things you should do when connecting flights at an international airport

Connecting at some of the world’s largest airports is never a walk in the park. And if you have a limited layover, you might end up missing your flight altogether.

At the same time, you might end up getting lost round about if you don’t know your way. So how can you ensure that you have an easy time making your connection? One Kenyan shared tips on what to do when connecting flights at an international airport:

The critical items to note are:

1). Local time: It’s on the extreme left to help you grasp is first. Most People read or write from left to right.

Note the local time for that case CDG would be 1 or 2 hours behind Nairobi depending on season.

Nowadays our gadgets automatically adjust saving us that trouble.

2). Flight No: No airlines share this as it has specific code assigned to each airline and most start with airline initial. Let say KQ to Luanda will be KQ 237 while to Windhoek would be KQ 239.

Caution: Busy airports and routes have several flights per day. You can find Emirates from Dubai to New York are 5 flights per day. Each has its own flight number hence always wise to know the departure time.

Some cities have multiple airports which will be indicated on the board.

Dubai to London Heathrow (LHR)

Dubai to London Gatwick. (GTW)

3). Boarding Gate: Very crucial and I have a rule when connecting., know your connecting gate as soon as you land. Even try to hang around the lounges there, take a beer or two.

You wouldn’t want to be 2km away from your boarding gate and trying to catch up

Some airports have satellite terminals e.g Istanbul (Former) requiring airport train shuttles.

Nairobi US embassy visa officer’s mood, luck determines who gets visa

Others like Atlanta, Frankfurt, Schiphol, Shanghai can so big and your flight is tucked away in a dark corner with probably no Air Gate so you have to board a bus to the plane.  Very common in Brussels airport with flights heading to Africa. Abu Dhabi as well

4). Enjoy the board: In mega airports, that boar represents the whole world. Think about someone going to French Polynesia is looking at that board. Another one going to Seoul the same etc.

It can help you to kill time if you have lots of it and less of money to afford a lounge.

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