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CJ Koome raises court fees in Kenya. See all the new fees

Court Fees in Kenya: Chief Justice Martha Koome has increased the fees that are charged for various services. The Chief Justice has increased the fee for court library membership and annual subscription from Sh. 500 to Sh. 1,000 and introduced a Sh. 500 fee for notaries’ public annual renewal.

In the raised charges, filing of any type of application at the High Court, except on criminal matters, will now cost you Sh. 1,500 up from Sh. 750. At the magistrate’s court, the fees for applications and affidavits have been retained at Sh. 1,000. At the High Court, fees for filing applications on criminal issues will remain at Sh. 500 and Sh. 485 at the lower courts.

Another change that Justice Koome has brought on board is on fees charged on registration of arbitration awards related to disputes at the Environment and Lands Court. This has been increased from Sh. 2,250 to Sh. 10,100.

However, Justice Koome has scrapped the Sh. 100 fee that was set by her CJ Maraga for filing of a response to notice of appeal, also known as notice of address.

She has then introduced a new fee for filing of applications under certificate of urgency at the Environment and Lands Court. This new fee has been set at Sh. 2,250. At the High Court’s Anti-corruption and Economic Crimes Division, the CJ has introduced a fee of Sh. 450 for filing of a notice of appeal.

CJ Koome has also introduced a Sh. 1,500 fee for court collection fees on deposits and security for costs. On commercial and tax cases filed at the High Court, the CJ has introduced a Sh. 1,550 fee for any appeal or review from subordinate courts and tribunals.

She has further introduced a fee of Sh. 100 for filing of response for income tax appeals, called statement of facts.

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On civil cases filed at the High Court, the CJ Koome has introduced a minimum of Sh. 2,000 fee for unliquidated claim, originating summons or counterclaim. Further court fees will be paid based on the amount awarded upon determination of the case.

In addition, CJ Koome wants courts to start charging Sh. 300 for filing a response to the bill of costs. The fees for instituting a private prosecution at the High Court will remain at Sh. 5,000 while at the lower court it will be Sh. 1,485.

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