Tuesday, January 31, 2023

3 cousins who were inseparable in life die together in Naivasha

A family is struggling to come to terms with the fact that three of its members (Inspearable cousins) tragically died together in a grisly road accident along the Nairobi-Naivasha highway.

The three cousins; Samuel Ndiba, Sarah Cheptoo and Mercy Muthoni always spent their time together each moment they had time to spare. They went hiking together and did various outdoor activities while enjoying each other’s company.

They were like siamese triplets. There was a natural chemistry that always kept them glued together. However, as fate would have it, their lives were cut short by the cruel hand of death.

Unfortunately, they died at the same spot after their motorcycle was involved in an accident with a police truck. Last Thursday, Cheptoo and Muthoni had just closed school for the long holidays, paving way for KCSE candidates to complete their exams still at school. They were joined by Samuel Ndiba later.

The three cousins were headed to visit their aunt who resided in Kinungi. On their way, a police lorry collided head-on with their motorcycle.

“Two of them died on the spot, while the third victim succumbed to her injuries while being rushed to Naivasha Sub-County hospital,” said Naivasha police commander.

Samuel Ndiba was a worker at a flower farm while the two girls, Muthoni and Cheptoo were highschoolers. Their uncle says that Samuel was riding the motorbike.

The family learned of the trio’s unexpected passing when her impatient aunt called Samuel. Eye witnesses at the scene answered and informed her that the owner of the mobile phone was involved in a grisly accident.

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Hours later, an aura of mourning was all around family and friends who knew the closely knit trio.

“It is devastating. We are yet to come to terms with what happened. It is really painful,” Mr Gitau, Samuel’s uncle said.

“Ni uchungu. It is really hurting,” he mumbled.

Mr. Gitau scrolled through his phone and fished out a picture of the three having a wonderful time together.

“Despite their closenes, dying together is a hard blow to take. The three used to take pictures together whenever time allowed,” he stated.

Their burial dates were slated for today on December 1st, adding that the three would be buried together in the same grave.

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