Monday, December 4, 2023

How Customer Service Is Being Revolutionized by Tech

As with so many other aspects of services and the economy in general, big data and AI robots are all set to take over, and customer service is one sector touted being highly susceptible to being fully automated.

Here are some of the ways tech is already being used to surprisingly good effect where customer service is concerned, as well as how it may be developed further in the future.

How Customer Service Is Being Revolutionized by Tech

Social Media

Such is the flexibility of social media platforms that they’re being used by companies for a plethora of functions, from marketing to customer engagement, and of course customer service as well.

These days it’s more likely that you’ll get a response from a company’s social media feed than you will its customer service team, and this trend looks set to continue as even bots may be brought in to decipher whether a complaint is justified and then suggest the offering of a complimentary train journey or even a casino bonus on the house.

ChatBots are Learning by the Minute

ChatBots and automated messages are nothing new in the world of customer service. However, thanks to technological advances gone are the days of generic responses that bare no relation to your question, ultimately leading to you being put on hold before a real person could tend to you.

Although they’re still a long way from solving problems on your behalf, what bots can now do is better guide you to self-help sections of a website, or even better direct your query to the relevant human in charge or the service you’re using. Their other main benefit is that bots are not tied to normal work hours, meaning that that late-night gaming session or bank transfer can be put back on track no matter the hour.

How Customer Service Is Being Revolutionized by Tech

Preventing Queries in the First Place

The golden ticket for most companies investing in big tech these days is not trying to improve customer service but doing away with the need for it altogether.

Most firms hope that this will be achieved by building such a detailed profile of each of their customers that the products they provide them with will be perfect and intuitive. This means that an app will be able to refund you before you even request your money back, or that a website picks the ideally fitted jeans so that there’s never a need to return them. Although there are already concerns about just how much personal data would be needed to achieve this, it is undoubtedly what companies are aiming for.


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