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Cyrus Muhati: Cost breakdown of building my Sh. 4.8 million, 3-bedroom all en-suite mansion

Cyrus Muhati, hailing from Kakamega, has seen his long-cherished dream of being a homeowner become a reality.

After a considerable chunk of investment, the trained pharmacist has finally completed the construction of his 3-bedroom all-en-suite mansion along the Kakamega-Kisumu highway.

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Taking to social media, Muhati shared images of the home. The 29-year-old reveals that it cost him approximately Sh. 4.8 million to complete the construction, barr furnishing and adding interior equipment.

Cost of constructing his bungalow

He began his project in 2018 when he acquired a one-and-a-half-acre land parcel. This was for Sh. 3.2 million.


Initially, when he purchased the land, he had no intention of constructing a house on it. His father advised him to build on it rather than let it idle.

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“In January 2021, my dad approached me and gave me special advice to build there,” he narrated.

With only Sh. 1.2 million in his account, Muhati initiated the project. He sought architects with his desired design plan.

“After receiving several plans from architects, I chose one. I looked for a contractor, and he came up with a quotation according to the house size I wanted,” Muhati continued.

Cyrus Muhati: Cost breakdown of building my Sh. 4.8 million, 3-bedroom all en-suite mansion

In an interview, Muhati shared that he utilized a total of 3,880 stones, amounting to an approximate cost of Sh. 300,000.

Additionally, he invested Sh. 895,000 in acquiring iron sheets, nails, ridges and plain sheets, while the frames for the house cost Sh. 380,000.

“The dream house that I built is a 3-bedroom all ensuite. I came up with this vision because I was spending a lot of money to rent, and my family was growing, so the encouragement from my parents and my wife motivated me a lot,” said the father of triplets.

“The total cost up to the finishing now: gypsum, wardrobes, plastering, moulding, fascia board, tiles, painting, lighting and others; we are almost at Sh. 4.8 million without furniture. So it could be more,” Muhati explained.

Cyrus Muhati: Cost breakdown of building my Sh. 4.8 million, 3-bedroom all en-suite mansion

Like any construction project, Muhati encountered his fair share of challenges during the process. One of the major obstacles he faced was the financial strain of funding the home, which depleted his pockets.

He also had to contend with minor challenges, such as unfavourable weather changes, which affected his construction timeline.

“The main challenge I had when constructing my dream house was inadequate money, which took almost two years to complete. Again, we were affected by a lot of rain during day time which forced workers to close early before the agreed time,” he noted.

To aspiring homeowners, Muhati emphasizes the importance of patience in achieving dreams. He states that it is crucial for one to carefully plan and build within their budget, understanding that the process might take time.

“My best advice to upcoming homeowners is to put God in all their plans and work with what they have in their pockets. Don’t be intimidated by people either in your family or whichever group, and lie according to your pace. Finally, never give up,” he concluded.

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