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How part of late Moi’s wealth was divided among his children

The late former president Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi gave each of his three daughters Sh. 100 million each. The daughters are Jenifer Chemutai Moi, Doris Chekorir Moi and June Chebet Moi.

In addition to this, Moi is reported to have left a 931-hectare parcel to be held by the Trustees of Kabarak University for the benefit of his five sons equally during their lifetime and upon their death for the benefit of their children.

The sons are listed in the will as Jonathan Kipkemboi Moi, Raymond Moi, John Mark Moi, Philip Moi and Gideon Moi.

The former late president Moi’s wealth is said to have been worth over Sh. 400 billion at the time of his death in February 2020.

It was however not clear how the rest of the wealth left behind by Moi was divided amongst his children and dependents.

Details of the Sh. 300 million allocation to the three daughters came to light following a court case that had attempted to stop the distribution of the former late president’s estate.

The court case had been lodged by US-based doctor, George Kiongera and David Chelugui, who is the son of ex-chief Noah Chelugui.

The duo wanted to stop lawyer Zehrabanu Janmohamed, who is managing the late president’s estate, from distributing the properties.

According to a report that appeared in the Daily Nation on Friday, “Chelugui lodged an application seeking to block the lawyer from receiving the confirmation of grant to enable her distribute the properties unless one billion shillings his family won in a 2019 land battle with the former Head of State is factored in.

Kiongera, on the other hand, was opposed to implementation of Moi’s Will in relation to a Sh. 2.5 billion parcel in Muthaiga, Nairobi.”

In his ruling though, Justice Aggrey Muchelule said that the court could not be asked to halt distribution of the properties  provided for in the Will and codicil.

He also ruled that Kiongera could not participate in the distribution process as it had not been shown to be a creditor to Moi’s estate.

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It also emerged that during court proceedings that late Moi had excluded the 19.7-acre Muthaiga land, registered as LR No. 12422/19, from his Will dated November 15, 2005.

“As far as this petition stands, LR No. 12422/19 is not one of the properties subject of the estate of Moi. This is because it was not mentioned in the Will or codicil (the rewritten Will), and it was not mentioned in the petition,” Justice Muchelule ruled.

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