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Delivery Boda gets Sh. 10,000 tip during Nairobi delivery round

We rarely hear of the incredible stories of delivery riders getting tips when making delivery rounds. This is despite doorstep deliver being one of the most convenient ways of shopping in the modern e-commerce market.

One rider, however, has experienced the reward that can come from making a timely and safe delivery. Anthony Sanane, a rider with Jumia, recently pocketed a mega tip after making a delivery for an order that had been placed on Jumia.

“I remember when I delivered a package to a customer in Taarifa Suites along Ojijo Road. I arrived in a record 3 minutes! A distance I would usually cover in 15 minutes,” he says. “The customer was so happy and gave me Sh. 10,000 as a tip and also offered me some whisky, to which I declined and took some juice instead, and rushed to my next delivery!”

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Anthony says he used the money to buy fertilizer for his farm in Bungoma, where he has a 5-acre piece. When he is not doing deliveries, he retreats to his farm where he plants bluegum trees for commercial purposes.

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“I love my job because there is never a dull moment. Each delivery is different because you meet new people trying e-commerce every day,” he says. “My job is not easy, sometimes we encounter challenges too, like when customers order on Jumia and don’t know how the business works. We have to spend more time with the customers and educate them about online business.”


Anthony also runs two salon businesses in Nairobi’s Central Business District targeting students around the University of Nairobi. He came up with the idea after interacting with the students who shared their frustrations with him.

Anthony holds a Diploma in Marketing Consultancy from Masinde Muliro University. He says that apart from his delivery work, he enjoys reggae music, which cools him down and offers motivation through the lyrics. His favorite song is ‘Trouble No People’ by Culture.

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