Vitz vs Fit and Demio: This is the car you should buy

BY ERIC WOKABI: Vitz vs Fit and Demio: City cars have become increasingly popular in Kenya. This is as a result of how affordable, reliable and fuel efficient they are.

With the alternatives the market offers, the buyer is left spoilt for choice. With a budget of Ksh. 600,000, choosing between the Honda Fit, Mazda Demio or Toyota Vitz is not easy. We all seek value for our money,

Car in Mind will give you all the information you need so as to make the best decision.

We will base our review on the following;

Engine rating: 1300cc

Year of manufacture: 2010

Trim: Base.

Vitz vs Fit and Demio: Let’s start with the Mazda Demio.

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The Mazda Demio

The Mazda Demio boasts of a stylish trademark exterior with futuristic front headlights and grille that gives it a touch class.

The stock interior is mainly cloth but varies with trim.
Instruments are placed conventionally on the dash but their lighting offers good visibility.
The Demio offers a 5 passenger sitting capacity with leg room and head room that is okay for occupants who are of average height.
The boot space is quite ample for a city car, for light and less bulky luggage the Demio is up to the task. The slide seat feature that folds the back seats fairly increases the boot space.
The rear is curvy and comes with tail lights that gives it a fast and aggressive look.
Under the hood is a 1300cc Mazda ZJ series spark ignition 4 cylinder petrol engine with Sequential valve timing (S-VT).
The engine is complemented by a 4speed CVT transmission or an optional 5 speed manual transmission.
The braking system for the base trim is ABS front disk ventilated brakes and rear drum brakes.

The Toyota Vitz

The Toyota Vitz has a soft ,rounded look with a very short front nose. The front headlight is massive and crosses between both the bumper and the bonet.
The interior is mostly cloth and plastic but varies with trim.
It has an unconventional dash layout with the instruments placed at a pod at the centre of the dash.
The Vitz is a 5 sitter hatch whose front seats are soft and comfortable. For a small car the leg room is good.
For its class, the boot space is excellent. The sliding seat feature allows the rear seats to fold downward and create more boot space.
This particular version of the Vitz runs on a 1300 cc Spark ignition 4 cylinder engine with Variable Valve Timing (VVTi) complemented by a CVT transmission.
The braking system for the base trim is ABS front disk ventilated brakes and rear drum brakes.

The Honda Fit

Vast crystal headlights with eye brows that serve as parking lights, a slender grille with a Honda emblem give the Fit a cute yet vicious look.
Inside is where the fit really shines. Ergonomics are excellent, visibility is superb thanks to the Fit’s greenhouse.
There is ample room for adult passengers in both front and back.
It gives an allowance to flip the seat cushion up to create a  tall cargo area between the first and second rows.
In the engine bay resides a 1300cc, spark ignition 4 cylinder engine with VTEC Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control working hand in hand with a CVT transmission.

The braking system for the base trim is ABS front disk ventilated brakes and rear drum brakes.

Fuel consumption:
Most of the global reviews put the Toyota Vitz VVTi as the most fuel efficient, followed closely by Honda Fit VTEC and bottom comes Mazda Demio and its S-VT.

Here the Honda Fit tops the list followed by the Toyota Vitz and lastly the Mazda Demio

The Mazda Demio steals the show when it comes to good looks. The Fit comes in second place and the Vitz hits the bottom on this one.

The Demio tops the list, followed closely by the Fit and rock bottom comes the Toyota Vitz.

Depending on what you need in a car, this information will give you a guide towards an ultimate choice.

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