Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Millions Diamond was paid per minute to perform for Raila

Popular Tanzanian musician Diamond Platnumz was making Sh. 1.2 million for every minute that he performed at the final Azimio rally that was presided over by Raila Odinga.

His performance lasted for about 10 minutes. This placed the amount of cash he earned at Sh. 11.9 million.

His pay equaling about USD 100,000 was much higher than the USD 70,000 that he charges for shows outside Tanzania and the USD 50,000 that he charges for shows inside Tanzania.

Diamond had flown into the country using his private jet in the morning of August 5. He was picked from the Airport by a helicopter branded with Azimio colours.

After the show, he returned to South Africa using the private jet.

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“Kindly this is off the record, but the conversation to have Diamond perform at Raila’s rally had been in the pipeline for three weeks. The performance was actually sponsored by a tycoon in Tanzania,” one source said, adding;

“I am not sure if the tycoon is a businessman or a politician but clearly it seems it’s someone well known to Azimio’s principals. However, what I’m sure of is that Diamond was paid $100,000 for the Kasarani performance.”

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