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Man working as gold dust broker in Rongo builds Sh. 390,000 house

At 26 years old, Dominic Ombongi who hails from Kisii County has finally built himself a beautiful home worth Sh. 390,000.

The man said that it took him less than one year to construct his one-bedroom house while hustling as a broker.

Dominic shared images of his home on the Facebook group Dream House and Building Forum, much to the amazement of Kenyans who congratulated him. In an exclusive interview, Dominic disclosed the highs and lows he experienced to put a roof over his head.

He started construction in September 2022 and had already moved into his semi-permanent home by August. He funded his project from his savings while working as a gold and electronics broker.

“I was able to start the construction of the house after managing some profits from my minerals and electronics dealership, where I act as a broker,” he said in the interview.

“Up to this level, it has cost me Sh. 390,000 and I am now happy that I have a roof over my head. The house is made of concrete, wood and gypsum interior finishing.”

For Ombongi, this was an incredible achievement and milestone in his life, having been raised by a single mom in tough conditions. He lost his father as a little boy.

“My mother had no formal employment, and I cleared Form Four through my mother’s efforts. I proceeded to Eldoret National Polytechnic, where I did electrical and electronics, but I didn’t secure any employment,” he spoke to a media correspondent.

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After school, Dominic Ombongi resorted to brokerage business around Rongo University and Oyugis.

“I decided to venture into electronics brokering and I graduated to gold dust brokering, especially around Rongo University and Oyugis, where we have mini gold mines.”

Through this business, Ombongi facilitated the purchase of a new vehicle that he uses to run errands due to his nature of work. He advises youth to work hard and build up financial discipline.

“Let them save with a goal and a purpose and they should remember wealth and financial freedom do not choose age. That’s why we have millionaires in 20s and broke people in old age,” he insisted.

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