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Lawyer Donald B. Kipkorir wealth, mansions and luxury cars

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Donald B. Kipkorir Wealth: Lawyer Donald B. Kipkorir is one of the most popular millionaires in Kenya. He has been an advocate since 1992, co-partner of KTK Advocates and managing partner.

He managed to graduate from University of Nairobi with a Bachelor degree in Law. His other Law diploma is from Kenya School of Law. His advocate career path started from Wetangula & Company Advocates.
Donald B. Kipkorir Wealth talk
Speaking on his wealth, Donal B Kipkorir says that he has managed to get rich through his individual efforts, qualitative education and hard work. He also added that: “There are many people who knew the Moi family, or the Kibaki family or the Kenyatta family, but it doesn’t give you success.”


“Been working on my desk every day except Weekends since 1997 … In 1997, I borrowed Kshs. 900,000/= from Prem Gidoomal of then Giro Bank to set up my Law Firm. The loan was guaranteed by Hon. Suleiman Murunga, former MP for Kimilili. I then built my practice file by file, client by client,” he says.

Donald B. Kipkorir Wealth
In one of Donald Kipkorir profile in social networks he posted a picture of his new bought Range Rover Sport House 2016 edition. According to him, this exclusive vehicle is the only exemplar in Kenya. The price is mind-blowing – Ksh 24 million. Donald shared his emotions about his new Range Rover: “It is exciting, because as I said there’ll be none of them in Kenya. It’s just a celebration of success.”
The lawyer has also not been shy of rebuking those he believes are out to taint the successes of others. “Those, whose stock-in-trade is malevolent & spiteful hatred of success is reason they are and bloggers living in cheap apartments on Thika Rd!” he posted on his Twitter handle sometime back.

“I have never stolen … I have never been allocated land by Government … I have never been involved in any scandal … With thousands of clients and over Twenty Years in my practice, not one has complained of professional negligence or misconduct. This is my story. Others can try to re-write my biography. They are entitled. But they can’t revise my History,” he says.

Sometime back, he posted interior photos of his mansion. Here are some of the photos:
He also owns a series of top of the range cars. Here are the photos:
Donald B. Kipkorir Wealth
Donald B. Kipkorir Wealth: Visit our sister site Newsday Kenya HERE.

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