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Dr. Daniel Masaba: Former Ugandan doctor who is a chicken farmer and Youtuber

By Benson Bundi

Dr. Daniel Masaba graduated with a bachelor’s degree in surgery medicine from Makerere University in 2016. Upon realizing that doctors in Uganda were severely underpaid, Daniel decided to become a poultry farmer in 2020. He also started a YouTube channel to share his poultry farming journey.

Dr. Daniel Musaba’s success has been remarkable. Not only has he become one of the greatest suppliers of chicks and eggs in Uganda, his YouTube channel has also surpassed 300k subscribers within two years. Recently, he uploaded a video detailing six principles behind his success on his channel.

Here’s what he said:

I am Never Too Busy

I always do whatever I choose to do. It’s my choice to be busy, free or occupied. I decided to focus on only the things I find developmental for me. For instance, I decided against watching too much television as it wastes my time. When I was employed as a doctor, I would see some of my colleagues taking extra jobs for the money.

I earn Sh. 60,000 from my IT job and Sh. 150,000 from chicken farming

However, I avoided the same because I did not want to become locked up in the cycle of moving from one medical job to another without getting sufficient rest my whole life. As an entrepreneur, I have learnt that focusing on only important things leaves me more time to come up with other ideas that can generate even more money.

I am Always in Control and Responsible For my Results

I don’t believe in fate. Instead, I believe that whatever happens in my life is my responsibility. When I started my poultry farm, many people told me that the birds would die, people would steal my eggs, I would not get a market, and other dire predictions.

Although some of these things happened to me, I decided to take responsibility to correct them so they don’t happen again. When starting my YouTube channel, I was told that it takes an average of 18 months to get 1,000 subscribers.

However, I believed in myself and hit 100,000 subscribers in under 12 months by uploading the right content to my channel. Taking responsibility will help you navigate whatever bad things happen in your life.

Dr. Daniel Masaba: Former Ugandan doctor who is chicken farmer and Youtuber - Bizna Kenya (Picture Courtesy)
Dr. Daniel Masaba: Former Ugandan doctor who is a chicken farmer and Youtuber – Bizna Kenya (Picture Courtesy)

I decided to be as Excellent as I Could in Everything I do

For me, being okay is not good enough. I decided to become the best poultry farmer I can, using the resources I have. Likewise, I decided to use my resources to become my best Youtuber.

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Rather than waiting until I purchased fancy cameras and lighting, I decided to record my YouTube videos using my smartphone. In life, it’s best to focus on being as good as possible and delivering your best.

Choose a few tasks and always complete them

While I was still a student at Makerere University, I decided to learn Spanish over a one-month holiday. I downloaded YouTube tutorials, pdfs, and other learning resources so that I could learn by myself. By focusing on that single goal, I was able to read conversations and watch tutorials in Spanish by the end of the month.

Today, I watch Spanish movies, and I can easily converse in the language. From that, I learnt that it’s best to always complete what you set out to do. If you focus on multiple things at once, you’ll never be good at any particular thing.

Set Aside time every day to focus on skills you want to perfect

Just before I started poultry farming, I decided to spend an hour every day reading about poultry farming. Despite my medical job, I always created some time to learn about poultry.

Over time, I accumulated enough knowledge to launch my career as a poultry farmer. The little things you do every day will make you better in the end. If you want to learn a skill, dedicate time to learn every day. This will make you better in the end.


These are the six principles that Daniel attributes to his success. If you take a leaf from him, perhaps you will also see certain improvements in your life.

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