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Man working as boda rider builds family lovely house with 7 year savings

A couple from Eldoret has completed the construction of a beautiful house, funded by their savings from the boda riding business.

Marma Mami, the household’s mother, took to social media to celebrate her husband, who works as a bodaboda rider in Nairobi. She acknowledged his dedication and contribution to building their lovely home.

Taking to her Facebook page, Marma shared pictures of their house and the progress they had made. She expressed pride, joy and gratitude towards her husband.

After years of diligent hard work and consistent savings, the couple has finally become homeowners. Speaking to a local media publication, Marma disclosed that their vision to own a home dates back to 2016.

During this time, her husband was earning very little as a construction worker. However, their dreams persisted, and every day, he would pray to God for help in building their own home.

“As my husband worked in mjengo and painted a house, he would make a prayer to God that one day he also builds his own home. So, we started saving in 2016. He got into the boda boda business, which he still does to date,” she said.

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The couple saved part of their money until 2023 when they began building their house. Months later, they are ready to move in, proud that they dared to dream big.

“Though our house is not entirely finished, we are okay. We are still hustling to finish it. My husband is still working as a boda boda and he also preaches and prays for people,” she added.

The couple’s home is located in Eldoret, their hometown, while her husband works in Nairobi. Despite the distance, they now have a comfortable home built with their hard-earned savings.

“We are so happy. All it takes is to trust God.”

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