Friday, December 1, 2023

New details emerge on Erick Maigo’s murder and teen girl’s escape

New details on Erick Maigo’s murder have emerged. The new details also paint a brief picture of the murder scene and what detectives are piecing together.

They have also revealed how the girl escaped and where search teams are concentrating their efforts.

According to one report that appeared in local media, the girl who is suspected to have committed the murder was spotted on Friday evening walking home in Kibra.

“The (suspect) had not fled beyond the neighbourhood, while others alleged she had been spotted making her way home as late as Friday evening,” the report said.

This resonated with the observation of Kilimani OCPD Moss Ndiwa.

“We’re making progress in our investigations and pursuing the suspect who is at large. But we’ll arrest her soon. I can’t tell specific areas where our detectives are narrowing down to, but as you know, a killer is always around the scene of crime,” he said.

At the same time, detectives say that the suspected killer might have wandered around the scene of crime in a confused manner before escaping.

“Detectives at the bloodied scene are said to have decoded an element of confusion illustrated by the footprints left by the killer, who stepped on Maigo’s blood while barefooted and walked about,” the report in the media claimed.

CCTV reveals Erick Maigo’s final moments as woman arrested

There was a possibility of more than one person at the murder scene. This is because one of the two knives believed to have been the murder weapons, was first dropped some metres away from the body before it was later returned to the area where the body was found.

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