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I found my success after starting expat services business

Assumpta M Musyoki is the founder of Expat VA-Kenya, a business that offers remote assistance, encompassing administrative support, financial management, and local coordination.

Starting this venture was a natural progression for me. After bidding farewell to my previous startup, which held a special place in my heart, I knew my entrepreneurial spirit was ready for the next adventure. Delving into the virtual realm seemed like an exciting journey, especially considering my inclination toward assisting people, locally and abroad.

Expanding into the virtual assistance arena felt like a calling—I saw the need and the potential. Surprisingly, to kick off Expat VA, all I needed was my trusty phone and a Wi-Fi connection; capital wasn’t the essential ingredient for this virtual venture.

In a service-focused business like mine, hitting the break-even point isn’t a fixed race; it’s more like a dance through a vibrant marketplace. I’ve been focused on constantly upgrading skills and expanding services to keep the momentum going and the business growing. Challenges?

Imagine surfing the wave of ever-changing technology, figuring out the legal maze for expats, and even introducing virtual assistance in a land where it’s still finding its feet. Oh, and don’t forget the colorful mix of cultural barriers—it’s like learning a new dance move every day!

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I come from a lineage of entrepreneurs; my upbringing was immersed in the world of business due to my parents’ ventures. Despite my academic pursuit leading to a Bachelor’s in Banking and Finance, my natural inclination has always drawn me into the dynamic realm of business. While it might sound far-fetched to claim a ‘born entrepreneur’ status, the entrepreneurial spirit seems to run in my blood.

Navigating financial mishaps is part of the journey, and I’ve had my share. At one point, I found myself entangled in various mobile banking apps, including Fuliza, leaning on multiple loans without a clear repayment plan. It was a lesson learned firsthand in the art of financial discipline.

Managing funds demands selfless decisions and a commitment to fiscal responsibility—a journey that’s about making conscious choices to secure financial stability.

The most fulfilling moment in my business journey is witnessing a client achieve their aspirations. One particular case stands out vividly; a client was on the brink of being deceived while purchasing land through a family member. Sensing the ambiguity, she sought our professional assistance.

Ultimately, she successfully acquired her dream land through our services, ensuring a transparent and secure paperwork process. Seeing her attain her goal was an immensely rewarding experience.

Reflecting on my entrepreneurial journey, with both successes and failures, I embrace each experience as a valuable lesson. In this intricate journey, I wouldn’t alter my approach or decisions. Every venture, whether flourishing or facing challenges, has contributed to my growth, offering invaluable insights and teachings. Each step, with its unique lessons, has shaped my path, making it a journey of continuous learning and evolution.

My approach to money isn’t about saving; it’s about making it work for me. I believe in proactive investment to foster growth. I let my money venture out, seeking opportunities to multiply itself. While ensuring a safety net with emergency funds, I predominantly engage in dynamic avenues like the money market  for growth.

Previously, I relied more on conventional savings, which I found less effective in generating substantial returns compared to active investment strategies.

I’m a firm advocate for entrepreneurship. While I’ve experienced both employment and business, entrepreneurship offers an unparalleled journey. Though employment might seem secure, entrepreneurship is a realm of endless possibilities.

When you’re passionate about what you do, working for someone else becomes a distant choice. The satisfaction of building something from the ground up and achieving personal goals surpasses any job experience. It’s about crafting your path, not walking someone else’s.

Life’s a bit like wearing mismatched socks, people notice, but it’s your style, so own it! Now, about money: don’t let it nap without plans, treat it like a hyperactive pet, always up to something! Remember, idle money is like a couch potato—gets comfy but achieves nothing. Invest it, and watch it do cartwheels!

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