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Mukombero and other Kenyan products that fetch millions in International markets

Did you know that some of the ordinary products in Kenyan households fetch a decent amount in international markets?

While some of these products appear valueless locally, they have gained a wide admiration globally with foreigners ready to spend heavily on them.

Here are some of the local products that cost a fortune in the international market.


This is a popular ‘snack’’ in Western Kenya with most people in the region chewing it for medicinal purposes.

Most people associate the root with improving a man’s libido. Mukombero is mostly hawked in the Kenyan streets where it fetches Sh10 per stem.

A bunch consisting of approximately ten stems of the plant costs between Ksh50 and Ksh100. The plant is however highly valued in the international market due to its nutritional benefits.

Reportedly, Mukombero can help in the curing of flu, boosting mental performance, lowering blood sugar, and boosting immunity.

In the UK, the stem is crushed into powder or sold in the form of capsules. A tin containing 100 capsules goes for about Sh5,000 (£28).

John Kamau: Kenyan man making millions from selling mutura in USA


This is a  Kenyan street food popular with the youths and men. It is made of ground meat stuffed into the small intestines of a slaughtered animal and grilled using regulated heat.

Kenyan Mutura is usually served in darkness where a piece goes for as low as Sh20. This unique Kenyan delicacy has gained popularity abroad including in the United States of America (USA).

John Kamau Karanja, a Kenyan businessman who sells Mutura in the USA says the minimum amount one would pay for a piece is between Ksh560-Ksh11,300 (USD5-100).

Karanja explains that the Mutura business is very lucrative in the USA, adding that he made his first million from this business.

“Mostly hustlers like me fit here very well as opposed to the wealthy because this is where I got my first Ksh1 million so I can say it’s a great opportunity for those who are determined,” he noted.


This is one of the most expensive Kenyan products abroad. In Kenya, Kiondo, a basket-like bag is mostly used by women during shopping errands.

Locally, it goes for between Ksh200 to Ksh2,000 depending on whether you buy it in a local market or uptown.

However, while on duty in London, a Kenyan journalist bumped into Kiondos being sold in the British Capital. Maintaining the same structure but crafted using leather, the carrier bag was retailing at Ksh71,000 (EUR450).

Maasai Shuka

This is a shawl popular with the Maasai Community who use it as dressing. In most Kenyan households and learning institutions, Maasai Shuka is commonly used as bedding.

One piece costs between Ksh400 and Ksh1,500 depending on the quality. In the global market, a piece of the cloth reportedly cost at least Ksh4,500 (USD33)

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