Thursday, May 26, 2022

Faith Mbugua: Living my life’s passion through my food career

Not too many people get to do what they dreamed about in their childhood years. A child who dreamed about becoming a pilot could end up working as a doctor, carpenter, lawyer or even police officer.

But there are a few people who are able to transition and realize their childhood dreams regardless of the careers they end up taking. Take Faith Mbugua.

Growing up, Faith wanted to be a nutritionist. However, she took a different career after completing university. “I chose a different path in food science and production, but my passion for well-prepared food never left me,” says Faith, who at Kenyan Originals in Nairobi as the Production Manager.

Faith has woven her dream of food production into her manufacturing career. “In a way, I feel like I am an artist living the dream of food production that I always dreamed of, though in a different capacity,” says Faith who is in her late twenties.

Through her career, Faith decided that she would look for ways to influence proper food development. “I have a passion for food science. I am particularly keen on food product development, which I am able to influence through my job designation,” she says.

Over the past two years that she has been working at Kenyan Originals, Faith has been managing all production plans. She also develops carious standard operating procedures for different production processes.

Faith Mbugua
Faith Mbugua at work at Kenyan Originals

“I take my role as a form of art. Art is wide. It has many forms, inspired by different things and always looking to turn itself masterpiece. Food science development is my unique form of art,” she says.

In addition to her role as the production manager at Kenyan Originals, Faith has a role as food safety overseer at the firm which also makes Kenya Original Ciders. “In this role, I develop and implement various food safety procedures within the processing line,” she says.

Faith reckons that she has been fortunate to work in an environment that allows her to experiment and explore her artistic side.

“Most people think that manufacturing doesn’t involve a lot of color and pomp. But Kenyan Originals is definitely a creator of color and pomp, which is a bonus on the conducive environment for employees’ growth,” says Faith whose hobbies include reading, hiking and experimental cooking.

Her typical work day at Kenyan Originals, begins with a production walk around the company. Here, she checks whether all production functions are running smoothly.

She then checks on the quality assurance sections at the company to ensure that everything is running according to company policy and standards.

“Within the day, I will intermittently run the production development department, where there is a lot of trials and testing of new products,” she says.

But what if she hadn’t gone into food science? “If I wouldn’t be playing art and craft with food science, I would probably be an art teacher,” says Faith.

Over the next five years, she is working to become the most sought after production expert in the beverage sector.

“I have enrolled in various training programs on beverage development and leadership in order to position myself for bigger and more demanding roles in this industry,” she says.

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