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Inside Sh. 240mn mansion Kenyan nurse bought after scamming US

Kenyan nurse, Faith Newton made the headlines after she finally agreed to have defrauded a US medical insurance scheme over Sh. 16 billion and was sentenced in a US court of Law.

Among the things she did with American Taxpayers’ money was buy a $2 million mansion in the affluent neighborhood of North Andover, Massachusetts in the United States. The mansion has nearly six acres of lush green lawn and it is termed by American Real estate dealers as ‘The most popular house in America.’

It has 10,777 square feet made entirely of red-brick stones to emphasize the luxury of the place. Christened the name 440 Great Pond Road, the building was constructed by architects who built most pre-colonial homesteads in the US. It is a place where one would expect to find a celebrity or successful entrepreneur with an endless supply of cash.

Faith Newton bought the castle on March 10th, 2016. It features 9 bedrooms with state-of-the-art interior designs and architectural carvings, six fireplaces, and four garages. It has a gourmet Kitchen equipped with exquisite culinary features. The setup includes modern appliances and accessories that make cooking easy.

Faith was living her American dream before getting busted. To top it all off, within the mansion, there is a helicopter landing pad. The mansion was positioned in an area overlooking Lake Colchiweck and a modern road.

In 2013, before Faith bought the house, American TV company HBO had acquired the estate to shoot for films. Among the films that were shot in the house was Clear history. However, HBO vacated the property leaving the owner forced to put it up for sale.

She made news when she wired the money to the real estate agent, Robert Wyman for a sum total of $2,012,177 (Sh. 242,688,667).

He forwarded the money to the property owner Anthony Dinapoli who had sought a buyer for years and resolved to sell it at the same price he bought it. This was because the house was far away from Hollywood hence not many of the rich class society in the US would have considered buying it.

For Faith to blend in with the rich status of the Americans, she bought herself a brand new white Italian-made Maserati GranTurismo for $150,000 (Sh. 18 million). The car boasts a 4.8 Litre V8 engine and accelerates from 0 to 100 km per hour in just 4.7 seconds.

Inside Sh. 240mn mansion Kenyan nurse bought after scamming US
Image of an Italian made Masserati GranTurismo vehicle

She built an empire of riches by conning US medical insurance companies with fake claims for the old aged people through her established company, Abor Homecare Services LLC.

Besides this mansion, her other properties were a $2.3 million (Sh.278 million) 5-bedroomed house at 2 Woolsack Drive in Westford, a $350,000 (Sh. 41 million) 3-bedroomed mansion at 12 Mountain View Drive in Dracut and a $116,069 (Sh. 13,997,921) 3-bedroom house in the same neighborhood.

US Justice Department disclosed that the two (her husband, Francis Kimaru and Faith Newton) established a health care facility which they allegedly used in money laundering.

Inside Sh. 240mn mansion Kenyan nurse bought after scamming US
A collage image of Francis Kimaru and Faith Newton. Courtesy| The Nation

“Newton allegedly used the laundered proceeds of the Ksh12 billion scheme to purchase multiple homes and a Maserati and to fund investment accounts, a lavish lifestyle and numerous financial transactions. The civil forfeiture case seeks to forfeit to the United States five properties in Westford, North Andover, Chelmsford and Dracut and to forfeit the contents of 40 bank accounts and/or investments,” the statement read in part.

Faith Newton has now been sentenced to 10 years imprisonment and 3 years of supervised release.

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