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21 Highly Emotional Farewell Messages to Coworkers

Goodbyes aren’t easy.

Parting ways with an awesome coworker is difficult and finding the right words to use for farewell messages to colleagues can be tricky.

The mixed emotions are no help at all. On the one hand you are sad to see them leave while on the other, you are happy for their new opportunity.

Nonetheless, it is important to wish them well for their future.

Farewell Messages to Coworkers

A farewell message to a colleague can be conveyed through:

  • A card
  • An email
  • A letter

If you are not quite sure of what to write, don’t worry; we have compiled several examples of touching farewell messages to colleagues.

Go through them and pick one that strikes a chord with you.

  1. It is sad to be saying goodbye to an amazing colleague like you. Congratulations on your new job. Goodbye and all the best.
  2. Working with you has been a great experience. Best wishes in your future endeavors.
  3. This is a bittersweet occasion for the company. We are sad to be bidding you goodbye yet happy for your next adventure. You have left a legacy of positive attitude that we all hope to emulate. Be well and keep in touch.
  4. The unrelenting joyfulness you brought to work every day will be greatly missed. Warmest congratulations for your new job and best of luck.
  5. It was great working with such a supportive and dedicated colleague. Your new coworkers are lucky to have you. You will be missed.
  6. Thank you for being a great colleague. Your input into the team has been crucial to our success. Wishing you nothing but the very best wherever you go.
  7. It is always hard to bid farewell to an awesome colleague like you. I’ll miss your sense of humor and our fun moments together. Best wishes.
  8. Your contribution to this company is immeasurable. You have been an inspiration to all of us and the company will always be indebted to you for your selfless service. Goodbye and keep in touch.
  9. Jobs come and go but the great experience of working with an awesome colleague like you will forever remain in my heart. I am just a text away, so keep in touch.
  10. Besides being a colleague, you have been a mentor and a friend. Thank you for being supportive and motivational to the whole team. Best wishes.
  11. Your lively and light-hearted nature made the tiring office hours more bearable. Your presence will be missed out here. Farewell and best of luck.
  12. The saying ‘you never know the value of something till it’s gone’ never felt as meaningful as it does now. Not seeing you when I come to work every day will be painful. Goodbye friend.
  13. Congratulations on your new job. Wishing you the best in this next chapter of your career. Goodbye and good luck.
  14. Today, the company is losing a great employee. While it is painful to bid you farewell, we are happy for the bigger and better things that await you.
  15. Tea and lunch breaks have been so delightful because of you. It’s sad that everything good comes to an end. The team will miss you.
  16. I envy the organization that has managed to snuff you from us. How lucky they are to gain a go getter and achiever like you. Goodbye and good luck.
  17. As much as I will miss hitting the monthly targets with you, I am happy because I’m sure your new job is an exciting opportunity that will bring you great success in the years to come. Goodbye and remember to keep in touch.
  18. As you start your new journey, we would like to relay our gratitude as an organization. You have been instrumental in our growth and will always be part of our success. Thank you!
  19. It was such a joyride working with you. Who will be dropping the ridiculous jokes? Your cheerfulness will be greatly missed. Best wishes.
  20. Finding a replacement for you will be an uphill task. Your work ethic is unmatchable and I know you will do an amazing job out there. Goodbye.
  21. Thank you for being the colleague who always uplifts and motivates others and never lets the team down. You are the best. Farewell and good luck.

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Touching Farewell Message to Colleagues [Example]

The above farewell messages are short and best suited for a farewell card. If you have a lot to say, a letter would be more appropriate.

Here is an example of a great coworker farewell message.

Dear Emmah,

It breaks my heart that you are leaving and I have to bid you farewell. Over the years, we have moved from being just workmates to great friends.

It has been a wonderful experience working with you.

Learning new things together and from each other, meeting tight deadlines and facing challenges together; you made it all seamless and enjoyable.

I will miss the chitchat during tea and lunch breaks not forgetting the fun during work trips.

Thank you for the wonderful support and friendship. Without you, my experience in this place would not have been as wonderful.

I wish you all the best for your future and hope we’ll be able to catch up over coffee regularly. I will miss you.

Warm regards,


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