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FIFA 22: Features, Prices, Legends Left Out of Current Version and Other Things to Know

EA Sports’ FIFA games have traditionally been announced in September annually, however, due to the pandemic, it had been delayed to early October for FIFA 21.

Since there had been no significant delays this year, FIFA 22 was launched on October 1, with the game accessible to all who pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition on Sept. 27. On July 11, 2021, the game’s trailer was released, disclosing major updates and visuals and also showing this year’s cover celebrity.

FIFA 22: Features, Prices, Legends Left Out of Current Version and Other Things to Know

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Features of FIFA 22

Just like in 2016 when the game was released with new FIFA 17 icons, the FIFA 22 came with a slew of new features, with some old functionalities discontinued. Below is a highlight of the FIFA 22 features:

  • Official Leagues & Clubs

Juventus has indeed been recognized as Piemonte Calcio since FIFA 20, but also EA Sports had also ended up losing more permits to Pro Evolution Soccer in recent times. PES recently bought the permit to Serie A side Atalanta, which means EA Sports is unable to utilize their full name for another 3 years, beginning with FIFA 22. PES has also decided to sign unique deals with Napoli and Roma, which will also undoubtedly frustrate fans of Italian venues.

  • Next-Gen

FIFA 22 for the PS5 and Consoles Series X/S includes “radical new HyperMotion game mechanics innovation.” It utilizes sophisticated 11 vs 11 game capture, a FIFA first, that also indicates player and ball motion would be far more interactive than before and could very well recreate reality. More than 4,000 new visuals are included in FIFA 22 to “increase the footballing reflectivity, sensitivity, and appearance of each player on the team.”

  • Gameplay

Aside from the visual modifications, EA Sports introduces extra gameplay upgrades annually. Some key player stats are slightly different in FIFA 22. David Beckham FIFA 19 had an overall rating of 88 and in FIFA 22 he now has a rating of 89. FIFA 22 will include HyperMotion advanced technologies in the PS5 and Xbox Series X releases, and also ‘Tactical AI’ developments.

  • Will VAR be in FIFA 22?

The incorporation of the VAR seems to be the most substantial shift in world football, with controversial decisions and instances now subject to review. Even after being introduced in 2017, VAR wasn’t included in FIFA 21, but this will proceed with FIFA 22.

  • Ultimate Team

Promo packs were added to FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, especially in recent months, allowing video game players to also see the entirety of boxes before purchasing them from the store. As a matter of fact, these pre-release version packs are likely to be retained as a gameplay aspect in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

  • Career Mode Improvements

FIFA 21 introduced the ‘Quick Sim’ feature, which allowed you to jump around through games, and the Dynamic Training System made developing players far more vibrant. More enhancements have been made in FIFA 22, with Custom Club enabling you to incorporate your own squad with such a unique culture to any tournament. Player Career has become more practical, and the game perception has been enhanced with functionalities such as interactive tifos.


FIFA 22’s standard version ends up costing £59.99 inside the UK and $59.99 united states this year. Costs have not changed from last year, but EA Play users can save 10percent if individuals are pre-order. Limited editions are more costly than traditional editions and are obtainable in both physical and online formats.

What Version of FIFA 22 Should You Pre-Order?

As always with past FIFA variations, editions of FIFA 22 are up for pre-order – but it really is worth remembering that all these three iterations differ significantly from any previous level of the game.

  • FIFA 22 Standard Edition

This version was specifically developed for gamers who wanted to keep playing FIFA on console games. A few of FIFA 22’s most notable features, like the HyperMotion computer game, will be absent. This variant, in our view, should only be purchased if you do not intend to purchase a next-generation console within the next few months. If you intend to purchase a PS5 or an Xbox Series S/X sometime in the next 6 to 8 months, the standard edition shouldn’t be your choice.

  • FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition

It’s indeed consistent for both existing and next-gen gaming systems, which means that if you presently own a PS4 or an Xbox One and plan to revamp to the PS5 or the Xbox Series S/X in the upcoming weeks, you would be prepared to use Ultimate Edition across both your present and next-gen PlayStation. The Ultimate Edition comes with many pre-order bonuses, the majority of which are limited to specific Ultimate Team. If you presently have a PlayStation or an Xbox One but plan to upgrade to a next-generation PlayStation in the coming days, this version is ideal for you. Furthermore, if you sometimes exclusively play Ultimate Team, this version is ideal for you since it happens to come with a slew of FUT extra benefits, such as 4 days of early access that will give you a big boost in the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team cycle.

  • FIFA 22 Standard Edition (PS5) (Xbox Series)

This would allow FIFA customers to experience all of FIFA 22’s next-generation functionalities, but it will not work with the PS4 or Xbox One. If you own a PS5 or Xbox S/X, this version will be ideal for you. However, it’s important to keep in mind that if you’re looking to get a jumpstart on Ultimate Team, this version isn’t always the best option for you.  You will find the FIFA 17 legends list here, which contains FIFA 17 all legends.

FIFA 22: Features, Prices, Legends Left Out of Current Version and Other Things to Know

Final Notes

Since its initial release, FIFA 22 has garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback, with the amplified HyperMotion game design feature proving to be a popular source of entertainment for players. According to gamers, even though some legends, including Diego Maradona, were omitted from the game, it still has a better icon list when compared to past versions such as the FIFA 17 icon list. From all indications, you should have a great time playing this game.

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