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Where To Find Cheap And Affordable Land For Sale In Nairobi

Land, especially here in Nairobi is becoming more and more expensive by day. This makes it hard for a common middle and lower class ‘mwananchi’ to be able to afford a piece of land in Nairobi.

But good news is, there is a satellite area in Nairobi where a 1/8 acre piece of land goes for less than 500,000ksh! Sounds too good to be true right? Well, this is absolutely true!

I know quite a number of you have either been or heard of Kangundo Road, But have you ever thought of buying land along these areas (Ruai, Kamulu, Joska, Malaa, Koma hills)? In these areas along Kangundo Road, land is very affordable that even a mama mboga can afford to own a piece of land here.

This area is the most preferred place to buy land because:

  1. The land is affordable

  2. Ruai and Kamulu are approximately only 25Kilometers from the Nairobi CBD, this makes it easily accessible from the CBD.

  3. These areas have untapped potential; the land is virgin, hence suitable for farming and real estate establishments.

  4. The area also provides a calm and conducive environment for all those wishing to raise families in these areas. There’s no pollution, chaos etc.

  5. The availability of police stations in these areas guarantees occupants of high security both during the day and at night.

Either to use the land for immediate development or for speculation (keeping it to gain value n sell to make a profit), Kangundo road should be your number one priority, because that is where the city is moving to.

Where To Find Cheap And Affordable Land For Sale In Nairobi
Beula Court along Kangundo road

For those interested in buying land along Kangundo road, there are quite a number of real estate companies which can help you acquire a piece of land along these areas, however, as a buyer, you have to be careful so that you don’t end up being conned. One reputable and trustworthy real estate company based in Ruai that can help you secure a piece of land along these areas is Fanaka Real Estate Limited.

Where To Find Cheap And Affordable Land For Sale In Nairobi

We at Bizna Kenya recommend this company because of its outstanding services it offers to its clients and the positive feedback we have seen from its previous clients.

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