With technology shaping up and taking over in Kenya like a bushfire, Kenyans are finding it easy to shop online instead of the traditional shopping where one was supposed to line-up in a supermarket or physical store to acquire a product.

Online shops are emerging and sprouting every day targeting the increased population of online shoppers who find it hard to struggle with traffic jams, parking fees and a lot of uncertainties only to purchase an item they could alternatively get at the comfort of their couches without necessarily leaving the perimeter of their walls.

Flashdeals.co.ke is the new talk of the town, taking over the online market by bridging the gaps and solving the setbacks created by the previous online stores. Before we move a step ahead, let’s first consider what makes Flashdeals.co.ke unique and why it is becoming the better choice to many.

1.Quick delivery

Nothing is more annoying than having to wait for an item you ordered online for longer than you expected and if you have ever shopped online before, you can agree with me that waiting for long is a turn-off.

Flashdeals.co.ke have invested in a quick delivery system taking up to four hours turnaround time within Nairobi, same day delivery on neighboring counties and next day delivery countrywide.

 “Our target is to reduce the delivery time as much as possible and we are investing a lot on the available delivery system to cut short the long waiting time shoppers are experiencing on other online stores, ” said the company Operations manager, Ernest Lagat.

2. Best Prices on all items

As the name suggests and as per the few items that we sampled, Flashdeals.co.ke are relatively fair in pricing and they offer huge discounts on most of their products.

3. App like Website

The ratio of mobile users to PC users stands at 80% to 20%, This calls for a consideration of mobile-friendly website interface to ensure that any visitor irrespective of the device they are using, can shop online comfortably without any buzz.

Flashdeals.co.ke site is exactly what we are discussing, you don’t need to struggle to visit your play store and spend more data downloading the App in order to do your shopping, you can simply navigate their site using any of your mobile browsers and place your order comfortably.

4. Multiple payment methods

Whether your favorite method of payment is using a card, mobile payments ( M-pesa, Airtel, T-kash), cash on delivery Bonga points, Flashdeals.co.ke got it all for you. You can easily check out and successfully finish and submit your order without necessarily shifting your cash to a specific method of payment.

5. Quality Items on sale

It is not once or twice that we have heard a complaint of an online buyer receiving a different item from the one they ordered online, this comes as a result of vendors taking advantage of the virtual shopping by submitting an item of less quality to the store which will later be shipped to the buyer.

With Flashdeals Kenya online shopping, all vendors are first verified and all products checked before delivering it to buyers.

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