Foreign number plates in Kenya: A fresh set of rules and conditions are set to be effected against motorists using vehicles bearing foreign plates.

According to Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) these motorists will now have to prove that they worked in the countries of origin and submit work permits or proof of residency.

“Foreigners from the East African Community (EAC) and Common Market of East and Southern Africa (Comesa) have not been spared and will have to provide proof of ownership and if they are an agent of the owner, have power of attorney from them. Diplomats will also have to prove their diplomatic status in addition to proving they work in a diplomatic capacity,” says a report in The Standard.

KRA in a joint statement with the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTAA) further say: “Prior to gaining entry approval, the foreign operator from EAC and Comesa countries must have a valid temporary importation of road vehicles form (Form C32) which is issued at a border station.”

In the same vein, foreigners from outside the two regional blocs will have to produce valid international circulation permits from countries of origin or pass sheets. “Individuals without these documents will not be allowed entry into or to locally operate a foreign registered motor vehicle, and any such vehicle operated without the above will be impounded,” the statement said.

The Standard further reports that even with all the documents, the car owners will have to apply for a foreign motor vehicle permit, which will be done online via the eCitizen portal. Applicants will need the Form C32 or an endorsed international circulation permit from the country of origin as well as Comesa insurance.

“Vehicles whose owners did not meet the conditions should re-export them or risk having them impounded. Some Kenyans have been using foreign registered vehicles, especially from the neighbouring countries , considering they are cheaper, with some allowing older vehicles into their markets,” says the Standard.

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