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Former CBD boda rider making up to Sh. 90,000 monthly profit from Uber

Steve is a Kenyan driver working in the local taxi-hailing app industry with Uber. He is one of the hundreds of thousands earning a living from this increasingly popular transportation business.

Steve is a full-time driver who transitioned into the taxi-hailing app industry after leaving the bodaboda sector, where he used to operate in the CBD. He shared that, through disciplined saving, he was able to purchase a car in cash at Sh. 720,000.

“I bought it in cash in 2021…before that, I was a boda boda rider in CBD. That’s where this car came from. I was riding in Boda for 2½ years and per day I was saving around Sh. 1,500,” he noted.

Steve owns a 1000cc Toyota Passo, which he has now had for three years. He expressed satisfaction with the vehicle, particularly with its excellent fuel efficiency.

In traffic, he averages between 15-17km/l, while on open roads, his car can achieve up to 25km/l.

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Owning the car comes with other benefits such as cheaper maintenance due to readily available parts. He ensures that he does timely servicing. Steve noted that he does an oil change each month.

“I’ve always been careful when I’m driving and again, the car I’m driving is a Toyota. Toyota’s are very easy to maintain because parts are cheaply available and mechanics know the parts. There’s no guesswork,” he said.

Steve shared that his daily goal is to have Sh. 3,000 in his pocket after covering expenses such as food, fuel, and running errands.

“Even if I don’t hit that target today, tomorrow I will make sure I wake up earlier to recover that money bearing in mind that I had a deficit. I make sure I cover that money. That’s how I survive,” he said.

Steve said that the taxi-hailing business is lucrative. He advises against listening to naysayers who discourage people from entering the business. According to him, success in this industry requires determination, discipline, and setting clear targets.

“You will get money. There’s money in the industry. Make sure you install LPG because fuel is expensive. This will help you save more,” he concluded.

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