Tuesday, January 31, 2023

George Magoha’s final minutes; efforts to save him before death

The late professor George Magoha died on Tuesday afternoon in Nairobi. Before his death, Magoha, who was the former Education Cabinet Secretary, collapsed four times.

In each, his son made efforts to resuscitate him in vain. Communication from the Nairobi Hospital where he was rushed also showed that efforts to resuscitate him proved futile. “Professor Magoha collapsed at home and was rushed to the Nairobi Hospital A&E. Efforts to resuscitate him were unsuccessful,” the communication said.

The late Magoha’s friend and colleague Professor Walter Mwanda said that at around 3 pm on Tuesday, he was called by Magoha’s wife Barbra who was asking for help urgently.

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“I was seeing a patient and I called a colleague to take over, I rushed to my car and started driving. Just four Kilometres away, she called again and asked me whether I had a blood pressure machine,” said Walter.

Professor Walter rushed back to the clinic to pick up the pressure machine.

“When I was about four Kilometre to the home she texted and asked me whether I could get an ambulance I was too close to their home and there was a traffic jam,” he said.

At Magoha’s home, Walter was met by Magoha’s son Michael.

“I found him (George Magoha) seated and he said oh! You have come and I answered him that I have come to take the blood pressure. The blood pressure machine was not recording and at that time he snipped off to a sitting position,” said Walter.

They carried Magoha to the car where and drove towards Nairobi Hospital.

“They were ahead of us about 200 metres. They reached (at Nairobi Hospital) about ten minutes earlier than us. On the way, he collapased and was resuscitated back by his son,” Walter said. 100m to the Nairobi hospital Magoha collapsed again.

When they arrived at the hospital, efforts to resuscitate him were in vain  and the formey Cabinet Secretary passed away.

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