I’m broke after spending my Sh. 230 million Sportpesa jackpot

Gordon Ogada became a multi -millionaire after winning the Sh. 230 million Sportpesa jackpot five months ago.

In a shocking revelation published by the Standard’s SDE, Ogada now says that he has nothing left, and sometimes goes without a dime in his pocket.

“There is a misconception that I am moneyed ever since I won more than Sh200 million. Truth is that I don’t have the money. I know it’s hard to believe,” he says.
So just where is the money?

“It’s been five months since I won the money. I put virtually the whole amount into long-term investments. I don’t have money just floating like many people want to believe. I am broke most of the time,” Gordon told The Nairobian.

“The many investments drained me,” says the man who correctly predicted 17 matches to scoop the famous Sh230, 742,881 courtesy of SportPesa.

Ogada who hails from Migori County says he spent part of the money sprucing up his parents’ village home.

“I built houses for my parents in the village. Today they have a roof over their heads. I bought a few cows too,” he says.

Adding: “After this kind of spending. I honestly feel embarrassed because sometimes I don’t even have a dime. I am no longer able to help my friends and relatives financially. They think I have loads of cash, when, in real sense, I don’t have a money floating,” he said.

After his unveiling, held on January 7, the 30-year-old took time off to thank his gods for placing the juicy morsel in his mouth. However, what worries him today is the societal misconception that he has money like the County government.

“I bought a few property here and there. All these cost millions. I’m literally drained,” said Ogada.

 Asked to state some of the things that ‘ate up’ his money so fast, a cagy Ogada said: “I bout a house here in the city and a few cars, besides other investments here and there.”

Asked if there is anything he would do differently were he to win again, Ogada had this to say:

“Of course. I may have made a few mistakes here and there. But largely, I did fine. I think I would be more responsible.”
And when asked how much he is worth, five months after joining the millionaires club, Gordon Ogada said:

“I can only count my properties for now. I don’t have money seating somewhere. That alone worries me at times. It is especially difficult convincing relatives and friends that I don’t have money in my pockets. They don’t understand. No one seems to understand. But I do, and that’s what matters for now.” Gordon Ogada says he still bets, and hopes to win again with SportPesa.

“I have intensified my football match analyses in a bid to win another jackpot. This time round, I will be more responsible with my spending,” he said, adding: “I have no immediate plans of stopping. I hope to win again someday.”

Gordon Ogada correctly predicted 17 matches to scoop the famous Sh. 230, 742,881

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