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Photos: Inside look at Governor Joho’s multi-million mansion

Governor Joho House: Hassan Ali Joho is a Kenyan politician affiliated to the Orange Democratic Movement and was elected to represent the Kisauni Constituency in the National Assembly of Kenya during the Kenyan parliamentary election in 2007. On 4 March 2013, during the general election, Joho was elected as the first governor of Mombasa County.

Photos: Inside look at Governor Joho's multi-million mansion

Governor Joho House

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In 2017 General Elections Day in Kenya held on 8th, 2017, Joho defended his seat on an ODM ticket, he is the Governor of Mombasa County, County 001. Despite significant politically engineered setbacks, Joho emerged triumphant by winning with 220,576 votes against his closest rival Suleiman Shahbal with 69,322 votes, Suleiman was a member of the Jubilee Party.

Governors Joho house
Governors Joho’s house

Joho’s political journey came to light in the year 2004, and became the Kisauni party chairman for the Liberal Democratic Party in 2006-2007. It was not until 2007 General Election, when he was overwhelmingly elected as the Kisauni parliamentary member through ODM in 2007. He was elected as Member of Parliament for Kisauni constituency and the Assistant Minister for Transport. On 4 March 2013 he was elected as Governor of Mombasa. He is close to Raila Odinga, Kenya’s main opposition leader, and is said to be financing Mr Odinga’s Orange Democratic Movement party.


Governor Joho House
Outside view

Some have said that he acquired his wealth through illegal means but this hasn’t hindered him to establish himself as one of the richest governors in the country. Governor Joho House.

Photos: Inside look at Governor Joho's multi-million mansion



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