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How my struggles with weight led to a health business

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Roseanne Kamau is the founder and managing director of Treasure Fitness, a weight loss and health business and lifestyle service firm. She is in her mid-forties.

My weight loss and healthy business was the result of my own health struggles. For a long time, I struggled with weight problems. In my late 20s, I was diagnosed with high cholesterol. At the time, I was a regional director for a nonprofit organisation based in And over Massachusetts, US. The diagnosis made me realise that I needed to shape up. It caused me to change my lifestyle and career. I found my passion and purpose in life.

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Getting started was not easy. In the service industry. But I have managed to build a client base and get referrals of clients who have become loyal and who appreciate my services value.

There are not two days that are alike in my line of work. On most days, though, I wake up at between 6.30am and 7am. I drink my lemon water right after waking up. I believe that the first thing you drink when you wake up in the morning highly determines your health. Drinking lemon increases metabolic rate and has weight check benefits. At 7.30am, I drop my children at school and head to the gym thereafter. I usually start my gym sessions at 8am. I start my work at between 9am after leaving the gym and freshening up.

I usually start with client meetings. These are either physical or virtual, depending on the location of my clients. The rest of my day depends on the tasks and service orders. There are days when I am away training corporate staff on wellness, and others when I do one on one wellness coaching. In most cases, I end my day at round 5pm. I prioritise every evening as family time. I have dinner between 6pm and 7pm.

I relax by spending time at home. My family and I are home birds. We unwind by watching family movies. We have ritual blankets, popcorn, and assigned seats which we layout on movie nights. We also have a movie wish list and docket from which we determine what to watch. I also love reading books and listening to podcasts.

I have been married for 18 years. I am blessed with two teenage girls. Family is everything to me. My children will be living the nest within the next five years. The realisation that they’ve grown and are about to leave gets me nervous whenever I think about it. I am not sure I am ready to let them go. However, I am proud of who they are becoming.

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