HF House Prices: The HF Group has slashed the cost of some 700 houses by 30 per cent. All the discounted houses are located in Nairobi

According to a report in the Business Daily, Group chief executive officer Robert Kibaara said the ‘Shika Nyumba na HF’ campaign running between March 4 to May 31, 2019 will see the group offer for sale its own units as well as properties belonging to other real estate developers funded by the home loans firm.

“The Shika Nyumba promotion makes existing properties more affordable for local and diaspora buyers. It is an opportunity for cash buyers as well as those seeking to take a mortgage funded by HF,” Kabaara was quoted by the Business Daily saying.

The properties on offer include Komarock Heights Apartments, Kahawa Downs Apartments in Kahawa Sukari, Evergreen Valley maisonettes and apartments in Utawala, Koibatek Apartments, Sigona Heights Maisonettes, Woodley Springs Apartments and Warira Court.

HF’s ongoing developments include Richland Pointe that has 248 apartments, Precious Gardens Phase II (152 apartments) set for completions in September 2019 and 80-unit Clay City Phase IA expected to be ready by January 2020.

Here are some of discounted houses and their prices:


Komarock Heights Apartments

Starting price..Sh. 5.85 million to Sh. 6.8 million.

Off 30 percent..Sh. 4.095 million to Sh. 4.76 million.

Kahawa Downs apartments

Starting price..Sh. 6.7 million to Sh. 8.2 million.

Off 30 percent..Sh. 4.79 million to Sh. 5.74 million.

Evergreen Valley maisonettes, Utawala

Starting price..Sh. 4.5 million to Sh. 6.5 million.

Off 30 percent..Sh. 3.15 million to Sh. 4.55 million.

Koibatek Apartments

Starting price..Sh. 16.5 million to Sh. 25 million.

Off 30 percent..Sh. 11.55 million to Sh. 17.5 million.

Sigona Heights maisonettes

Starting price..Sh. 11.5 million.

Off 30 percent..Sh. 8.05 million.

Woodley Springs apartments

Starting price..Sh. 15 million.

Off 30 percent..Sh. 10.5 million.

Warira Court

Starting price..Sh. 5.75 million.

Off 30 percent..Sh. 4.025 million.

Richland Pointe

Starting price..Sh. 8.5 million.

Off 30 percent..Sh. 5.95 million.

Precious Gardens phase 2

Starting price..Sh. 9.5 million.

Off 30 percent..Sh. 6.65 million.

Clay City phase 1A

Starting price..Sh. 9 million.

Off 30 percent..Sh. 6.3 million.

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