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Highest paying marathons in the world

Many Kenyans, especially from the North Rift region, have made great strides in life courtesy of sports, specifically athletics.

Legendary marathoner Eliud Kipchoge, Kelvin Kiptum, Pamela Jelimo, Faith Kipyegon, and Hellen Obiri are some of the names that have recently become popular in Kenya’s athletics industry.

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These individuals, among others, have represented the country in various international competitions and as well made a name for themselves internationally. So, which are the highest-paying marathons in the world?

  1. Nagoya Women’s Marathon

Since 2022, the Nagoya Women’s Marathon has been one of the highest-paying marathons in the world, with marathoners taking home a first prize of US$250,000 which is approximately Ksh30,000,000.


2 Boston Marathon

Being one of the oldest races in the world, the Boston Marathon awards winners $150,000, equivalent to about Ksh18,000,000. Second and third-place finishers, on the other hand, pocket about Ksh11,298,750.

Eliud Kipchoge Wins Sh 7.4m Princess of Asturias Award for Sports

  1. Chicago Marathon

The 2023 Chicago Marathon winners took home Sh14,870,000, and Sh7,435,000 for the second-place finishers. Kelvin Kiptum won the 2023 edition in a world record time of 2:00:35, shattering Eliud Kipchoge’s record by 34 seconds.

  1. Tokyo Marathon

The Tokyo Marathon is also among the highest-paying marathons in the world. Back in 2019, the marathon offered prize money of Ksh 55,879,560, including Ksh 14,813,810 each for the winners and Ksh 4,023,690 for breaking a course record.

  1. New York City Marathon

The winners of the 2022 edition of the New York City Marathon reportedly took home $100,000, equivalent to Ksh12,000,000, making the competition one of the highest-paying in the world.

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