We’ll cut salaries to fund Uhuru houses whether Kenyans like it or not – PS

Housing Fund Levy: A shocking revelation on how houses under the big four agenda will be allocated has emerged. Apparently, the houses will be given out to Kenyans through a lottery system.

This shocking revelation was made by the principal secretary for Housing, Charles Hinga. The lottery system will be effected despite the government compelling all employees in the country to contribute to the housing fund.

President Uhuru Kenyatta is seeking to build half a million houses within the next three years in a project that is largely seen as a pipeline.

To enable this construction,

the Jubilee administration will deduct 1.5 percent from about three million salaried employees.

“One has to register besides contributing before a house is allocated to them. A lottery system will be used to determine who gets a house,” said Mr. Hinga. He also said that the contribution will be compulsory being funded through a Public-Private Partnership, which requires an assurance of continuous cash flow.

In what is being seen as an act of arrogance, the PS said that Kenyans will have to pay for the fund whether they like it or not, since they elected the Jubilee government.

“The fact that you elected them, you knew that they made a commitment and so they have got to fulfill it,” he said. Asked why the government wants to force even people who already own houses, or those who have taken mortgages, Mr. Hinga said they can as well bequeath their units to their servants or relatives.

“The housing fund levy is a contribution because if you do not get a house, you can assign your contribution to your son, daughter or relative. It gives you a direct benefit which a tax doesn’t,” said Mr. Hinga.

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