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How educated is Raila Odinga? See his education and life profile

How educated is Raila Odinga? This is a question whose answer has elicited mixed reactions over the years. On hand is the statement that the respected politician is an engineer. On the other hand is a claim by his opponents that he never studied engineering.

Let us take a look at his education profile and life. According to his official website where his biography is published, Raila Odinga was born at Maseno Church Missionary Society Hospital, in Maseno, Kisumu District, Nyanza Province on 7 January 1945 to the late Mary Ajuma Odinga and the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, the first Vice President of the Republic of Kenya.

He went to Kisumu Union Primary School, Maranda Primary and Maranda High School where he stayed until 1962. He spent the next two years at the Herder Institut, a part of the philological faculty at the University of Leipzig in East Germany.

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The Herder Institut would train foreign students on the German language and was part of the philological faculty at the University of Leipzig in East Germany.

Raila received a scholarship that in 1965 sent him to the Technische Hochschule (technical college) of Magdeburg (now a part of Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg) in the GDR.

In 1970, he graduated with a diplom (roughly equivalent to a Master’s degree) in Mechanical Engineering and Welding. While studying in East Berlin during the Cold War, as a Kenyan he was able to visit West Berlin through the Checkpoint Charlie.


When visiting West Berlin, he used to smuggle goods not available in East Berlin and bring them to his friends in East Berlin.

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He returned to Kenya in 1970. In 1971, Raila established the Standard Processing Equipment Construction & Erection Ltd (later renamed East African Spectre), a company manufacturing liquid petroleum gas cylinders.


In 1974, he was appointed group standards manager of the Kenya Bureau of Standards. In 1978 he was promoted to its deputy director, a post he held until his 1982 detention

In 1978 he was promoted to its Deputy Director, a post he held until his 1982 detention. Raila Odinga is married to Ida Odinga with whom they have four children; the late Fidel Castro, Rosemary, Raila Junior and Winnie.

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