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How I make 1,000 shillings per day selling crocs

By Benson Bundi

Catherine Njeri is a crocs seller who says she has been in the business for the past two years. She started the crocs business because she wanted to sell non-perishable products that did not require a lot of startup capital and did not need much customer spending. According to her, most people shy away from purchasing expensive products; hence her mind narrowed down to selling cheap crocs.

Catherine sources the crocs from Kamukunji Trading Center at wholesale and later retails them in her shop. According to her, the wholesale price of crocs is as follows:

  • Size 19-24 @ Ksh 90- 95
  • Size 24-29 @ Ksh 110 – 115
  • Size 30-35 @ Ksh 135
  • Size 36-41 @ Ksh 180

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Crocs, she says, can have profit turnovers of over 100%. For instance, she can source a pair at Ksh 95 and sell it for Ksh 150 – 200. The secret to this business is ensuring you offer better prices than the shops next to you. “Why sell a pair at Ksh 200 while you can sell ten at Ksh 150 each?” she asks.

The crocs business is ideal to combine with another business, such as a cosmetics shop. It’s an ideal way of making extra income. Crocs don’t take much space as you can display them in a laundry basket in your shop. Alternatively, you can spread them outside when it’s not too hot. All you need to do is clean them regularly.

How to sell them

If you have a shop with a bit of extra space, you can use a laundry basket to stock the crocs. Alternatively, you can hang them outside the shop to attract customers.

You can also have a Jua Kali-made display, which is a flat raised structure where you can display your wares. Catherine advises putting price tags on the crocs. This way, you’ll be sure that the customer is coming to buy, not to ask for prices.

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Ideally, it would be best to make the structure mobile, so you can move from place to place with your wares. This way, you’ll meet more customers instead of staying in a mobile shop. Finally, ensure you pay ‘kanjo’ fees to avoid wrangling with the law.

If You’re Busy

If you are a busy person employed in an office, you can hire someone to sell the crocs for you. You can then pay the employee a commission at the end of the day. However, you should ensure they keep proper records, which you should go through daily. Alternatively, have them send you the sales report on your phone. Communication with your employee is the only way to make money without being present.

Catherine charges more for deliveries outside Nairobi. For instance, she can add Ksh 10 to the normal price of each pair. She also has a minimum requirement that the customer order at least 50 pairs for these deliveries. This way, she isn’t pressed by delivery costs.

According to Catherine, you can make Ksh 1,000-2,000 daily from this business. A startup capital of Ksh 4 000 – 4500 is enough to stock more than 20 pairs.


The crocs business is ideal for a person who just completed school and is looking for a side hustle. It’s also suitable if you have a little extra space in your shop and are looking for a way to supplement your revenue.

Finally, Catherine recommends the crocs business to any employed person wondering where to invest their Ksh 5,000- 10,000.

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