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How to be a successful real estate broker

As a real estate brokerage owner, you’re responsible for both your own company’s success and helping your agents harness their own opportunities for success. A credible real estate broker is someone who leads by example and can coach his/her agents to be business-minded, while constantly striving for continued growth and is agile enough to strategically adapt with industry and consumer trends. Over time, several characteristics have stood out based on most successful brokers possess. So, take a moment to look at your own strengths and see how you stack up with other successful broker peers.

Attentive Leadership

Being a leader of a real estate brokerage is not only about being able to build a brokerage, but also about staying in tune with your agents’ needs, mentoring and coaching for accountability and growth. Time and again, successful brokers invest in knowing what their agents’ strengths and weaknesses. It’s behaviors like these that show agents the broker genuinely cares about agent success.

It is also key for a broker to have a presence in the community. A well-connected broker who knows the happenings in their local market and participates in charitable or community organizations can positively influence agents to also get involved and give back to the community.

Business Intelligence and awareness

Having strong business intelligence and awareness means being able to understand the bottom line of the brokerage. Often time’s people become brokerage owners after having sold real estate as an agent first. However, it’s vital for brokerage success that the person managing the day-to-day operations manage the business details. These business details maybe like identifying opportunities for either investment or streamlining expenses.

Most successful brokerage operators are likely to have a background in finance or accounting. They’re not afraid to make the tough financial decisions for the ultimate good and long-term growth of a company. But don’t let this fact get to you. If your background is not in those fields, just hire or partner with someone you trust who can help you make financially-wise decisions about things like office space leases, technology or marketing expenses.

Forward Thinking and Growth-Mind

Brokers should always be thinking about how to ensure the future success of the brokerage through consistent growth. You must have the ability to understand and identify why you wanted to build a brokerage. It’s all about understanding what your strategy is and how you can make your dream a reality. The key here is to have a solidified growth plan in place for both the short and long term.

It is also important to know when to expand properly, whether through mergers or acquisitions, and, when it makes sense to open additional locations. Always consider which growth path is the best for your business, and seek advice if you want an outside opinion.

Adaptable to Change

Identifying changes in the marketplace, economy and housing market and then being able to adapt and change is crucial. As markets fluctuate, technology trends advance and consumer needs readjust. It’s important to be in front of what’s happening in your market and the industry as a whole. To stay ahead of the competition, it’s always wise to arm yourself with competitive intelligence. Research how other industries are adapting and then apply timely and strategic changes to your own company.


Most of what we, as a society, interact with today is influenced by technology. It’s no secret the real estate business has changed dramatically over the last 10 years.  They are becoming so tech-focused as an industry. As a broker, you should have the technological knowledge to cope with the latest technological trends. This technological trends are hand in hand with the real estate business.

Successful real estate brokers lead teams effectively, guide the financial stability of the brokerage and create ongoing opportunities for agents to harness their own skills to serve homebuyers and sellers with the highest levels of knowledge and service.


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