Chicken and its Waterer
Chicken and its Waterer

Having clean water in your chicken house at all times is important for keeping healthy chickens, but achieving this can be a challenge. I don’t know about you, but for my mum, litter and poop in the water was the main problem she always encountered. It seems that no matter where she put their waterer, they find a way to scratch their waste in it

With her first chicken house,she used a homemade waterer constructed from a large cut bucket. As soon as she placed it in the house, she quickly realized that it was too close to their door. Next, she placed it in the run they often tipped the bottle over and leaving them waterless.  Here are tips on keeping clean water in a chicken house

Poor food and water placement

You should try a few other designs making the saucer smaller so they have lless area to soil, but most of the waterer designs will still needed to be cleaned out daily, negating the low maintenance benefits of a  self-filling waterer.  Eventually, you will have to buy some commercial waterers .They come with larger volumes which make them nice because they need to be filled less. But you will still needed to clean out the saucer daily as they would stand around close to it and waste on it. The design of the commerical waterer is made to prevent them from producing their waste on top, but  they will occasionally manage to stay on top long enough to do so in the water.  Elevating it with metal base should help.

The  final solution to keep clean water in the coop is to cage in the water. This is such a simple solution. The chickens can put their heads through the 2 by 4 opening, but can’t fit their back ends through to produce their waste in the water. Using a scrap of  semi circle welded wire on the side of the waterer cage would easily work.

This is a great solution for you.  It works with various waterers both commercial and homemade, and the wire can easily be bent for a custom fit.  It keeps the chickens from doing what they do best at the top of the waterer.  In addition to preventing this from happening, it also limits how much they can scratch dirt and food into the water, keeping clean water in the house longer.

Although this should worked great you should  always looking to improve on this area in one way or another.

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