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How to Register for NHIF in Kenya (Updated Procedure)

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This article is a guide on how to register for NHIF. NHIF (National Hospital Insurance Fund) registers all eligible members from both the formal and informal sector of employment

For those in the formal sector, it is compulsory to be a member. For those in the informal sector and retirees, membership is open and voluntary.

The registration is easy and simple to follow. To register as a member, fill in the “Members Form.” To register as an employer or organized group, fill in the “Employers Form.”

Any person above 18 years of age is eligible? Whether you are a civil servant, private employee, or self-employed, you can apply for NHIF. The charges are the same and cuts across all sectors.

Anyone with a monthly earning of more than Kshs. 1,000 per month or Kshs. 12,000 per year can afford the NHIF fees. NHIF also gives to voluntary contributors. That is, includes foreign visitors permitted to work or study in Kenya.

What You Need to Register

Below is a list of items required from Kenyan Residents;

1. Copy of National I.D (including spouse if applicable)

2. Copy of employer appointment/introduction letter. Self-employed and voluntary contributors are exempted from this requirement.

3. Coloured passport photo (including spouse & dependents if applicable)

4. Original & copies of birth certificate(s) for dependants

  1. Ksh 1500 which acts as registration fee and also caters for medical fees for the next three months.

Foreign workers are expected to provide the below items;

1. Copies of passport, alien certificate or work permit (including spouse if applicable)

2. Coloured passport photo (including spouse & dependents if applicable)

Foreign Students should provide;

1. Copy of passport

2. Coloured passport photo

3. Ksh. 1500 for registration and fee for the first three months

All applicants are expected to drop their documents at any Huduma Center near you or any of NHIF branch countrywide. To those applying via Huduma Center, it is advisable to use M-Pesa payment instead of cash.

Benefits of Registering for NHIF

Medical services in Kenya are expensive, especially when undergoing surgery. NHIF comes in handy during such times. NHIF covers most of the medical bills.

Upon admission in the hospital, a member is accorded services and the hospital makes a claim to the NHIF for reimbursement. Below are some services catered by NHIF:

  1. In-patient treatment

An in-patient cover for the contributor provides comprehensive medical cover. Medical services are offered in the majority of over 400 accredited government facilities, mission health providers, and some private health providers across the country.

  1. Maternity Services

The medical cover offers comprehensive maternity and CS (caesarean) package in government hospitals, majority of mission and some private hospitals

  1. Dialysis

Dialysis, which costs about Ksh 2,500 per session, can be offered to the insured in the following medical facilities:-

  • Kenyatta National Hospital, Nairobi
  •  Moi Teaching & Referral Hospital, Eldoret
  • Provincial General Hospital Kisumu
  • Rift Valley Provincial General Hospital, Nakuru
  • Coast General Hospital, Mombasa
  • Siloam Hospital, Kericho
  • Mediheal Hospital & Fertility Centre
  • Muranga District Hospital, Muranga
  • Thika Level 5 Hospital, Thika
  • P.C.E.A Hospital, Kikuyu
  • Consolata Hospital, Nyeri
  • Tawfiq Hospital, Malindi
  • Africare Limited
  • Kakamega Country General Hospital
  1. Family planning Vasectomy and Tubal Ligation.

NHIF covers for all family planning procedures in public hospitals and selected private hospitals.

  1. All Diseases.

NHIF does not exclude any disease. The cover caters medical bills for all illnesses; including cancer.

  1. In-patient

All NHIF members can be treated as in-patients in all public hospitals and selected private hospitals.


Formal sector employees’ contributions are deducted and remitted to the Fund by their employers according to their income. This is done by cheque or through e-banking. For members under the voluntary and self-employed category, they pay Kshs.500 per month (Kshs.6000 per annum).

NHIF has been of great to Kenyans both in formal and informal sectors of employment. More so, it is easy to register for NHIF and their monthly fee is affordable. 

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