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How to win SportPesa Jackpot

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How to win SportPesa Jackpot: Is there a trick that to winning the mega multi-million sports’ jackpot? Winning the sports millions is not an easy thing to do. For a start, most teams on the draw are usually evenly matched, the best team on paper does not always win, league positions matters little, anything can and will happen, and the games on the draw are usually decided on small margins.

Before you can play, though, you will need to create a Sportpesa account. You can do this online or through a short message (SMS).

How to win SportPesa Jackpot: Registering online

1). Go to the Sportpesa website and click the register now button.

2). Key in your details which include ID, phone number, and your ideal password.

3). To activate your account, you will need a verification code which can be obtained by clicking Get verification code button.

4). Receive an SMS from Sportpesa with your verification code.

5). key in the code to complete registration.

6). Click finish registration button.

7). Receive a second SMS with your Sportpesa log in details such as username, password and the paybill you will need to place your bets.

How to win SportPesa Jackpot: Register via SMS

1). Start by sending an SMS with the word Accept to 79079

2). Receiving Sportpesa message with your details including username, paybill number, and PIN

3). Start placing bets.

You can start betting from the minimum Sh. 100 for either the ordinary bet or the jackpot.

How to win SportPesa Jackpot

The jackpot has 13 football games while mega jackpot has a total of 17. You get a bonus if you correctly predict 10 to 12 teams listed on the jackpot. Bonus for the mega jackpot is given to those who can correctly predict 12 to 16 games.

When selecting your teams, the quality of the team and the possible lineups will be of great essence.

You can either opt to use head to head statistics or partner with a fellow football fan in placing the bet. The latter is risky as the fan might decide to bolt away should they win.

The other key qualities to look out for include:

  • Individual player Quality: Better players make better teams. Look for extra ordinary players in each team that can make a difference. How good or bad are each team’s offensive or defensive players? Does any team have good offensive players but awful defensive players?
  • Depth and Team Balance: A couple of superstars in a team with other average players is a weak team. Compare such a team with one that has no superstars but has quality players in all departments. Depth is vital when a key player is injured? Does one of the teams suffer when a key player is out?
  • Team unity and Chemistry: A team of superstars can lose terribly if they don’t work well together
  • Coaching Staff: A team is as good as its coach-he is the one who selects the starting 11. He is the team leader on and off the field and ensures the team is always fit and motivated. There are coaches who train their teams on how not to lose. An example would be Jose Mourinho from Chelsea or Tony Pulis from Middlesborough. Another example is Burnley’s Sean Dyche. Other coaches such as Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp train their teams to score first; always believing they can outscore the opponent.
  • Playing style: You would want to know how players fit into a particular team’s playing style. Paul Pogba from Manchester United is a superstar, but Man United’s playing style does not always favor him. Liverpool’s playing style, on the other hand, has made Salah a superstar because he fits into that style
  • Consistency: Look whether a team is able to play at the top of their strengths from game to game. Are they Bottlers?

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