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Ibrahim Onami: Kenyan causing waves on YouTube, Tiktok with ‘Huku Yues’ videos

Ibrahim Onami is a Kenyan content creator based in the US, having relocated there in search of greener pastures.

He is a popular figure on the social media platform Tiktok for his ‘Huku Yues’ videos, where he gives informative tips to Kenyans living, or planning to relocate to the US.

Onami never shies away from giving his two cents on matters America and survival. He moves around different parts of America giving Kenyans a glimpse of the land of opportunities.

He also showcases the lives of many Kenyans living in the US and has quickly become a household name for Kenyans both in Kenya and abroad.

He hails from Mumias in Kenya. He lived in Ongata Rongai before relocating to the United States where he has been successful at creating the brand ‘Huku Yues’ which means ‘Here in the United States’.

First job in the US

Upon arrival in the US, Ibrahim Onami was eager to land any job that came his way. He landed a job at a morgue where his duties involved cremating dead bodies.

His pay at the morgue was Sh. 8000 per hour. A job not many can handle, Ibrahim quit, stating that he lacked the grace to dispatch his duties effectively.

Asked why he took on the job, Onami says that he was desperate to make a living from any job.

“There are very many jobs here. Whatever type of job you need, you will get. I came here ready to venture into anything that would give me an income, and that’s how I landed into a morgue job,” he stated.

The job had its own benefits, but the nature of work was disheartening and he couldn’t put up with it.

Some of the perks he would get were accommodation in a house near the morgue, vacation twice a year to clear his mind, medical and life insurance, and allowances.

Also, in the event of his death during employment, Onami’s body would be cremated free of charge or airlifted back to Kenya.

Currently, Ibrahim Onami works as a licensed nurse at a clinic in America. He lives in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

Starting the ‘Huku Yues’ vlogs

Onami ventured into content creation while in the US. His Youtube Vlog page boasts 110,000 subscribers and more than 8.5 million views. On Tiktok, he has more than 203.6k followers more than 2.2 million likes.

His vlog offers a unique perspective of American life and culture, highlighting the nitty gritty aspects such as cheap shopping options, the vibrant American scene and tips on making your stay in the US worthwhile.

He delivers his content in a mix of Sheng and Kiswahili languages. He encourages his fans to live within their means and remain humble at all times.

Ibrahim Onami sources his inspiration for content creation from Lang’ata MP Felix Odiwour alias Jalang’o. He loves the MP cum comedian’s podcasts and YouTube shows.

In the future, Onami wishes to develop his brand ‘Huku Yues’ into a profitable advertisement and marketing business, working with individuals and firms both in US and Kenya.

Content Creation Challenges

The main challenge that Ibrahim Onami faces is the impersonation of his image on social media, mostly Tiktok.

Despite the annoying mimicry from trolls on Tiktok, he appreciates his fans for supporting him by watching his videos and seeing him through his rise in the vlog-sphere.

Onami’s advice to single men relocating to the US

Ibrahim Onami currently lives with his girlfriend, Abby Abuji. They are not married hence she is his girlfriend/fiancee.

He advised men moving into the US to move in with their Kenyan partners, as finding a girlfriend there is difficult.

He observes that the US is a lonely country and the ‘Dry Spell’ is inevitable. Getting a woman as an immigrant to keep warm is a hard task.

Making a move on ladies as an immigrant in the US, may form a wrong perception and tarnish your image.

“Dry spell imajaa huku. Kama huna bibi utateseka hapa. Hakuna mahali utapata dame ati unaenda kwa barabara ama uone dame uanze kuwhistle. Atakuitia polisi, akushtaki, uwekwe ndani,” he advised.

“Mkuje na mabibi wenu ama ukuje kama umejipanga dryspell. You will get bored easily here,” he asserted.

Rocky relationship with outbursts from girlfriend

Ibrahim Onami’s girlfriend, Abby Abuji recently called him out on social media, accusing the Huku Yues content creator of being a stingy fellow.

In the viral video, Abby complained of how he always failed to buy her essentials and how his miser attitude was starting to affect their relationship.

She accused Onami of not buying soap, saying that he would ask her to use left-over shampoo and add water to the bottle.

She further added that Onami had never given her money and wondered if he really was that stingy.

“Mimi ni dem nataka sabuni ya kutosha nioshe mwili. Ibra hajawahi nifanyia kitu. Mimi time nitapita kwa shop ndio nitabuy kitu. He has never had respect for me. Dawa ya meno anascoop, ata sabuni ya kuoga ikiisha anaweka maji anashake,” she ranted publicly on social media, denting Onami’s reputable image.

  Ibrahim Onami: Kenyan causing waves on YouTube, Tiktok with 'Huku Yues' videos

“Hajawahi nipea pesa zake. Hakuna kitu ashawahi nifanyia. Huwa namuuliza is it money you don’t have ama ni stinginess,” she continued.

Abby surprised Onami with a new phone and some cash as a show of gratitude. Ibrahim Onami hosted her when she first arrived in the US.

In a response to Abby’s social media outburst, Ibrahim Onami made an apology video to his girlfriend and his fans too. He noted that he indeed does love both his girlfriend and fans.

Social media doesn’t pay me well

In the apology, Ibrahim Onami reveals that despite being a popular social media content creator, he does not make a lot of money. He says that he’s ever discussed the issue with Abby Abuji.

“Nimempeleka out, unaona hata ameng’ara. Wanawake lazima uwatunze,” he started.

“I am sorry to Abigael for not being there, and also sorry to my fans. I choose my fans. I decided to lower my social status because of you my fans,” he said.

“Youtube, Tiktok hainilipi pesa za maana na mafans wanataka content. Kuna time nilimwambia hii social media hainilipi but mimi nimechoose my fans (over the pay). Job yangu nilikuwa ata ninaenda part-time,” he concluded.

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