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How you can easily import your vehicle directly from Japan

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Importing a Car From Japan: Most Kenyans looking to import vehicles directly from Japan, Europe or Thailand inevitably face the big dilemma of spotting and getting the right import agent.

This is because the vehicle importation field has it share of frauds and scams. But when looking to import a car, you no longer need to sweat over these fears. This is because you can import directly through the help of the Co-operative Bank.

“We have formed a joint partnership with World Navi Co. Ltd, a leading Japanese exporter of used units to Africa and Europe, to enable Kenyans to import second-hand cars,” says the bank in a statement to Bizna Kenya. This partnership guarantees buyers  one hundred per cent safe and reliable vehicle importation. This includes three months warranty on the engine and transmission, accident free and genuine mileage certificates and zero risk of stolen parts or non-performance.

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To import the vehicle through Co-op Bank, you may follow these steps:

Step 1 Identification of vehicle

  • Identify a car of your choice via the internet through the Bank`s approved import agent website, https://worldnavi.jp/wn
  • Place an order by calling the import agent
  • The import agent prints the order and prepares a general pro-forma invoice

Step 2 Payment

  • Deposit money for purchasing the car into the dealer’s Co-op Bank account.

NB: We will hold the money until the dealer delivers the vehicle to you.

Step 3 Vehicle purchase process

  • The import agent will purchase the vehicle on your behalf from the auction
  • The import agent ensures quality check and ships the car to Kenya
  • Documents are consigned to the bank that in turn will release them to the clearing agent who will in turn facilitate clearing and registration.
  • The import agent will then deliver the vehicle to you (customer)
  • You will receive the vehicle and sign a delivery note

For more information, you may contact Co-op Bank’s World Navi agents via the following contacts

Khadija Ali Mohamed – 0740 727 040

Asha Swaib Adam – 0711 122 833

Lianie Beth Gala – 0712 325 088

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