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10 ways to increase the value of your plot for sale in 2023

By Benson Bundi

Plot for sale: Generally, plots of land appreciate in value over time irrespective of their look. However, properties in rural areas have the lowest appreciation rates. Here are ten dress-up practices that can help you sell or lease your land more quickly.

Make the plot accessible

Buyers are always on the lookout for plots that have access to roads. If your plot is large, say 20 acres, you can hire machines such as graders and soil movers to make it easily accessible. This way, you can raise the value of your land by up to 50%. Making the plot accessible creates demand, making it so much more valuable.

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Plant Useful trees

If you’re not planning to use your plot for a lengthy period, say ten years, it’s a good idea to plant trees so the land doesn’t stay idle. If you’re in an area where you have access to water, planting trees will be an additional investment.

You’ll only need to maintain them for a few months then you can leave them to grow on their own. Eucalyptus trees are an excellent investment as you can sell them later as poles or timber.


10 Ways to Increase the Value of your Plot for sale in 2023 - Bizna Kenya
10 Ways to Increase the Value of your Plot for sale in 2023 – Bizna Kenya

Fence the plot

There’s a reason why real estate developers encourage their customers to fence their plots. Fencing is a form of value addition and an excellent way to prevent boundary disputes. Fencing gives the land an organized and tidy look, making it look more valuable to customers.

Mark the boundaries of the plot clearly

Most buyers will ask to see the boundary of the land before anything else. You can plant beacons on the corners of the land to mark the boundaries. If you have an eighth of an acre, you’ll only need four beacons.

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You can also plant trees or shrubs around the land to mark the boundaries. Alternatively, you can build a stone wall around the property if you are financially endowed. Boundaries are a good way to keep off trespassers and misuse of resources on your plot.

Add Utilities

The best form of value addition is ensuring the availability of amenities such as water or electricity on your land. If you have a vast tract, say 100 acres, consider digging wells or boreholes for water supply.

Likewise, electricity is one of the most in-demand utilities in remote areas. Consequently, if there’s a power line passing near your land, consider engaging with KPLC to tap on the power.

Make the plot appealing

Apart from fencing, clearly mark the gate of your plot. Other ways of tidying the land include demolishing useless structures, disposing of garbage, clearing the bushes, removing stumps, levelling the ground, building gabions for drainage, etc. This way, buyers can have a clear mental picture of what they can do with the land.


If your plot is near a city or major town, landscaping the land can increase its value by up to 77%. You can plant flowers and trees or invest in a lawn. All these will make it easier for you to sell or lease the land.

These ideas will depend on where your pot for sale  is located and what you intend to do with it.

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