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Protest as top pupil at international school in Kitengela scores 353 in KCPE

For the second national examination in a row, an international school based in Kitengela is in protest after receiving what it sees as unfair KCPE results.

Popular lawyer Wahome Thuku identified the school as the Kitengela International School, and said that he’s been a parent at the school for about twelve years.

Mr. Thuku in his argument said that pupils who were pulled out of the school  and registered at different exam centres at the last minute had produced better results than pupils who remained, even though these pupils had not been better performers.

“I have been a parent at Kitengela International, one of the biggest private schools in Kenya for over 12 years. I know that school too well. Two years ago, more than half of the candidates scored over 400 marks in KCPE. We are talking of more than 50 pupils,” said Mr. Thuku.

“This year, the top student has scored 353 marks. Same as last year. This year the exam was administered with top level supervision. Interestingly, every other school in Kitengela has more than 7 candidates with 400 and above.”

After the release of the 2022 KCPE exams, Kitengela International Schools rejected the results for its students and argued that they did not reflect previous performance. The school then launched a protest with the Kenya National Examinations Council.

Mr. Thuku added that in the next door school of the same called Acacia, 37 students have 400 marks and above, 48 have scored between 350 and 399, only 5 have between 279 and 349.

“Please, we are not fools. Its immoral to do that to children,” he remarked.

Mr. Thuku, seeing malice in the results protested how students who were moved to other exam centres produced better results.

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“After being in your school for 8 years, 10 students register for KCPE in another center at the last minute. They all get over 400 marks, all of them. Non of those left in your school gets above 360. Yet, those 10 were not even the best performers in your school,” he said.

“The argument then is that if they sat for the same exam as candidates in your school, they would have ALL scored 300 marks and below. The argument further is that if all the candidates in your school had registered for exam elsewhere, they would probably have scored over 400, ALL of them. Who is being punished, is it the school or the pupils?”

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