The Internet of Things (IoT) together with a myriad of smart home devices has been taking the world by storm since the early 2000s. While the trend was originally most prevalent in the USA and Europe, it has now reached African shores where it is set to change the Kenyan property market forever.

Smart home technology is fast becoming a big factor when acquiring a home according to Jonathan Jacobs, chairman of real estate giant Lordship Africa. Mr. Jacobs further stated: “Remember, it was great carrying a cell phone 15 years ago. Very soon, smart home technologies will be a criterion for people and investors.” Let us have a closer look at just how smart technology is impacting the Kenyan property market at present time.

Property prices will be impacted

Smart home technology has already impacted the Kenyan property market in a big way according to local business entity, Cytonn Investments. At this point in time, smart home technology is not of great importance to lower and mid-income buyers, those on the elite-end of the spectrum are starting to actively seek out smart home conveniences.

Although the overall cost of home development increases by as much as 20% once IoT has to be factored in, it does attract a larger number of high-end local and international buyers as well. According to Johnson Denge, regional marketing manager of CI, smart home technology will soon become an integral part of the Kenyan community with developments without it becoming increasingly less-attractive to prospective buyers.

Most popular smart devices in Kenyan homes

Every day sees an increasing number of homeowners embracing a variety of devices that are revolutionizing the way we live our daily lives. Smart technology is infiltrating our lives in countless ways, including light and temperature control as well as home safety, home entertainment, cooking, and cleaning.

At present, industry giants such as Amazon, Google. LG, Samsung, and Apple are leading the way as far as home automation is concerned with a number of smaller technology developers fast starting to follow suit.

Value-adding technology for the win

While all smart home devices are beneficial to the inhabitants of the home, there are a few that will add the most value to a Kenyan property. Smart thermostats, smart smoke detectors, and smart locks are three of the most-requested smart devices while smart solar panels and sprinkling systems are also bound to attract the interest of buyers seeking a luxury abode.

Amongst the most desired virtual home assistants are Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Nest, two products that fast gaining popularity amongst especially the Kenyan millennial population. 

As fearful as many people once were of the rapidly-changing technology taking over all areas of your lives, a great many more are now fully embracing them. There is no way to escape the Internet of Things – it might as well be utilized to its full extent, making our lives simpler and adding value to our properties.



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